Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2013

Craig Medred

It was a week of hard-hitting and sometimes-emotional news in Alaska: shining light on a secret healthcare document withheld from the public by the Parnell administration, experiencing tragedy anew for those affected by the 2011 Soteria House psychiatric treatment facility murder in Anchorage and recognizing Alaska's aviation legends.

  1. 1 Challenges no barrier for Anchorage 'off-grid' homebuilders

    Despite challenges -- including building a home on a lot deemed "unbuildable" -- Dan and Fulvia Lowe have designed and built an "off-grid" home in Alaska's largest city, considered the first of its kind there.

  2. 2 State: Medicaid report isn't an Alaska 'public record'

    A press handler has moved from the governor's office over to the Department of Health and Social Services. He says the administration won't release an $80,000 report commissioned with public money until the governor decides it's a public record.

  3. 3 Schizophrenic sentenced to 60 years for clinic murder

    In 2011, Michael McEvoy killed his former roommate at the Soteria House in Anchorage. He suffered serious psychosis yet refused to plead insane in Alaska, where the defense is rarely successful.

  4. 4 VIDEO: Yup'ik elder shares Alaska's supernatural secrets

    John Active grew up listening to his grandmother telling scary tales of spirits, yeti-like creatures and ghouls. Now, he carries on the tradition by sharing the stories with Alaskans young and old alike.

  5. 5 Photos: Anchorage's restaurant scene booming

    Anchorage's restaurant scene is booming these days, with a large number of new places opening around town as local businesses expand and national chains enter the fray.

  6. 6 Series: A new class of Alaska Aviation Legends

    A look at the nine men and women who were recognized this year as "living legends" who molded Alaska's aviation industry. 

  7. 7 Cold War thaw began with a 'friendship flight' over Bering Strait

    Back in the 1980s, when George Michael ruled the radio dial and Anchorage had warring newspapers, a "friendship flight" from Nome to Chukotka, Russia, helped thaw U.S.-Soviet relations.

  8. 8 Are new tennis courts more pressing than Anchorage ice arena repairs?

    The Anchorage Assembly's next meeting will feature debate on a proposal to scrap controversial indoor tennis courts in favor of making improvements to existing facilities from the surge of public infrastructure spending known as "Project 80s."

  9. 9 Anchorage graffiti artist resurfaces with First Friday exhibition

    Prominent Anchorage street artist, MENO, returns for a First Friday show at Brown Bag Sandwich Co. after a high-profile graffiti arrest and two years of silence.

  10. 10 Supreme Court decides bears are unnatural in Utah

    It’s difficult to say whether the Utah Supreme Court ruled that bears were not natural in abhorrence and fear of wild animal attacks, in deference to the suffering of the victim’s family, or through a churlish unwillingness to consider any legal opinions other than their own