Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: March 30-April 5

Craig Medred

March came in like a lion -- and went out like a lion, as far as Alaska news is concerned. From a troubling murder trial to a new Palin reality show to a good old fashioned Don Young tongue-lashing, here's a look at some of Alaska Dispatch's top stories for the week of March 30.

  1. 1 100-mile backcountry ride on a unicycle? No problem.

    Looking for a challenge, Fairbanks resident Elliot Wilson decided to learn to ride a unicycle, then signed up for and completed a 100-mile endurance race on it, proving the naysayers wrong along the way.

  2. 2 When Cabela's rocks the Anchorage outdoor retail scene, will smaller stores survive?

    Anchorage's new Cabela's is an impressive store. About all that's missing is a Star Trekkian holodeck so you can go on an Alaska fishing trip where the big salmon always bite, the bugs never do, and the bears stay at a safe distance while coming close enough for pictures.

  3. 3 Young blasts Interior secretary over King Cove road

    U.S. Rep. Don Young was in rare form Thursday as he ripped into Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell over her rejection of a road from King Cove through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

  4. 4 Facing fiery opposition, Alaska Senate kills controversial HB77

    The bill triggered widespread reaction, much of it negative. Sen. Cathy Giessel, chairperson of the Senate Resources Committee, said she got more than 1,500 letters. Her committee took more than six hours of testimony.

  5. 5 'Amazing America' recap: Amazingly American, surprisingly enjoyable

    OPINION: If you can buy the idea of the former governor as simply “a wife, a mother, a sportsman and, above all, an American,” you might be surprised at how much you enjoy her new reality TV outing.

  6. 6 Alaska's real life 'Bones' scientist puzzles out violence in ancient societies

    University of Alaska scientist Ryan Harrod studies human remains. They tell him a lot about violence and social inequality. Can they also teach us to be a gentler, kinder society?


  7. 7 Photos: Would Strauss recognize his opera reset in Alaska with drunks, strippers and Palin?

    To make this version of the operetta "Die Fledermaus" really Alaskan, Anchorage Opera worked in exotic dancers, ice road truckers, troopers and politicians, including one Democrat recently turned Republican.


  8. 8 Local Anchorage elections often see skimpy turnout, despite their close-to-home importance

    Anchorage voters hit rock bottom in October of 1977, when an abysmal 11 percent of registered voters bothered to go to the polls.  Here's hoping more people will offer their view on how to run the city and its school district in 2014.

  9. 9 Innovative idea could lead to Alaska's first breast milk bank

    Human breast milk is hard to come by, but the Blood Bank of Alaska wants to make it a little easier by starting a donation-driven milk bank.

  10. 10 Kodiak Coast Guard officer recounts finding dead bodies of his coworkers

    On the second day of testimony in the trial of James Michael Wells, accused of killing two Coast Guard members, jurors heard from the man who discovered the bodies of his slain coworkers.