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Almost Perfect

Drama, Comedy, Romance

Vanessa is everybody's go-to girl. A professional woman in her 30's, she finally gets another chance at love when she meets a man who's almost perfect for her. But, just as she starts to consider the possibility of romance, her family suddenly comes undone. As she juggles a high maintenance fashionista sister on the brink, a surf bum brother hiding out, an over-intellectual mother who knows it all, a retired father on a quest for meaning -- and the nearly perfect boyfriend who gets fed up with it all -- Vanessa discovers that the person she really has to save is -- herself!

Rated No Rating .

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Cast: Edison Chen, Kelly Hu, Ivan Shaw, Tina Chen, Christina Chang

Produced by: Bertha Bay-Sa Pan, Derrick Tseng, Riva Marker

Directed by: Bertha Bay-Sa Pan

Written by: Bertha Bay-Sa Pan

Running time: 1hr 46min

Opens: Sep 21, 2012 LA/Honolulu

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