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Free Radicals (Bose Zellen)


Austrian housewife Manu's narrow escape from the catastrophic consequences of "The Butterfly Effect" aboard an airliner only sets her up for an even more shockingly random fate. As the devastating results of a traffic accident transform Manu's family and the young occupants of the other car, the personal and circumstantial fallout envelopes an entire community. Raw sexuality, burgeoning romance, suburban sprawl and unsolved child abduction form a four-season dramatic fresco that exposes the lonely yearning and thwarted redemption ricocheting the human particles of Free Radicals off of each other.

Rated No Rating .

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Cast: Kathrin Resetarits, Georg Friedrich, Martin Brambach, Ursula Strauss, Marion Mitterhammer

Produced by: Antonin Svoboda, Martin Gschlacht

Directed by: Barbara Albert

Written by: Barbara Albert

Running time: 2hr 0min

Opens: Aug 03, 2012 NY (re-issue)

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