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For Greater Glory (Cristiada)

War, Drama

What price would you pay for freedom? An impassioned group of men and women each make the decision to risk it all for family, faith and the very future of their country. The long-hidden, true story of the 1920s Cristero War - the daring people's revolt that rocked 20th Century North America.

Rated R for war violence and some disturbing images.

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Cast: Peter O'Toole, Eva Longoria, Andy Garcia, Bruce Greenwood, Rubén Blades

Produced by:

Directed by:

Written by:

Running time: 2hr 23min

Opens: Jun 22, 2012 Limited

Show times


Regal Totem Cinemas 8

08/02: 5:50, 9:00

Showing in Alaska

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