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Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai

Drama, Romance

The film begins with the birth of Karishma and Karan on the same day in the same hospital. 23 years later, unknown of their family backgrounds, they meet each other one summer at Krakow University Poland and fall in love. When Karan finds out her family background, he starts avoiding Karishma. What happens thereafter is a succession of interesting events that you would get to see in this musical extravaganza from the house of Shakti Samanta which made some memorable romantic films like Aradhana, Kati Patang, Amar Prem, Kashmir Ki Kali and others.

Rated No Rating .

Cast: Farida Jalal, Rati Agnihotri, Nazia Hussain, Muskesh Tiwari, Aditya Samanta

Produced by:

Directed by: Shree Narayan Singh

Written by: Dilip Shukla

Running time: 2hr 20min

Opens: Aug 03, 2012 Limited

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