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“In these clubs the kids talk about what they want their neighborhoods to look like,” said organizer Christina Demetro. “And that’s really meaningful for us to see because small shifts become big shifts if they take even one little action towards a positive change.”
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Anchorage chefs toss aside rivalries for South Restaurant's 'back room' series

It’s not every day that the executive chef of South Restaurant + Coffeehouse finds himself under the instruction of another chef in his own kitchen.But roughly once a month, that’s exactly what’s happening to Shane Moore in the “back room” of the South Anchorage restaurant.Read more: Anchorage chefs toss aside rivalries for South Restaurant's 'back room' series
Bill Roth

Alaska Ski for Women

Morning sunshine brightened the trails as 500 skiers participated in the 20th annual Alaska Ski For Women at Kincaid Park on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016.  Donations from the women-only cross-country skiing event has contributed over $1 million to groups that actively work to improve women's lives and help stop the cycle of domestic abuse against women and children.
Bill Roth
Morning sunshine brightened the trails as 500 skiers participated in the 20th annual Alaska Ski For Women at Kincaid Park on Super Bowl Sunday.
Alaska Dispatch News
Mushers topped Eagle Summit in the second day of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race, a 1,000-mile race from Fairbanks to Whitehorse, Yukon, on a trail that retraces historic mail and supply routes along the Yukon River.
Tara Young
Sometimes success begets success, so Anchorage photographer Brian Adams will spend a full year visiting two dozen villages to document the people and places of rural Alaska.
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Polar Bear - POV Cams (Spring 2014)

To survive the harsh conditions of the Arctic, polar bears roaming Alaska’s Beaufort Sea coastline subsist on the equivalent of about one adult ringed seal every 10 days and, to make those fatty calories last, spend most of their daylight hours lounging around on the ice and snow, new research shows.Beaufort Sea polar bears equipped in 2014 and 2015 with Fitbit-like devices and neck cameras revealed their daily routines to scientists studying their food needs.Data from the seven adult female bears tracked in the springs of 2014 and 2015 showed they spent, on average, about 70 percent of daylight hours resting, the U.S. Geological Survey-led research has found. They spent only about 15 percent of their time walking, the research found. The rest of the time was divided among swimming, grooming, eating, interacting with males and other activities.Despite their low levels of exercise, the bears need to consume a lot, said Anthony Pagano, the USGS research biologist who is leading the study.READ MORE: Scientists put the animal equivalent of a Fitbit on polar bears. Here's what they learned
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UAA gymnastics hosted a meet against Brigham Young University at the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016.
Bob Hallinen
Former Anchorage Fire Department Chief Craig Goodrich speaks at the Alaska Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Anchorage on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016. Firefighters and police officers gathered to mark the 40th anniversary of the Bi-Lo Grocery Supermarket fire in Anchorage.
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The Yukon Quest sled dog race began along the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Saturday, Feb. 6.
Mike Dunham
Visitors to the Anchorage Museum on Friday morning did double-takes as a robotic tour guide greeted them, rolled through the galleries like R2-D2, looked over the exhibits, made conversation and sometimes asked for help.
Marc Lester

2016 Denali Doubles sled dog race begins

Seventeen teams began the Denali Doubles sled dog race on February 5, 2016. The race, founded and organized by four-time Iditarod champion Jeff King, uses a unique format. Teams must consist of two mushers and can use up to 20 dogs. The race follows the Denali Highway for 226 miles, starting and ending in CantwellAmong King's rules: No whining.The teams must consist of one veteran and one novice musher, which on Thursday gave those experienced in competitive dog mushing a chance for a long ride with a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, parent, sponsor, friend, handler or, in at least once case, a last-minute stranger.Read the story: Denali Doubles: Where Iditarod veterans play by Jeff King's rules