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Party erupts in downtown Anchorage, Alaska for incoming FedEx 727 jet

Boeing 727 jets are a dime a dozen in the skies over Alaska's largest city, but it's not every day that one lands on Merrill Field, Anchorage's little community airfield just east of downtown. Alaskans turned out in droves, lining balconies, balancing on snowberms and hanging onto chain-link fences, faces pressed up close like kids at a zoo, to see the jet buzz a mall and land alongside 5th Avenue commuters.The jet appeared over downtown Anchorage around 1:30 p.m., approaching the populated area surrounding Merrill Field very slowly and ominously. Equipment that had been out clearing the 4,000-foot East-West runway of snow and ice disappeared, and the plane circled around against the backdrop of the Chugach Mountains. The 727 is designed to land on longer runways, but a 4,000-foot landing was still within the planes operational capabilities. The plane gave spectators a bit of a show, doing two low flybys of the runway before finally touching down with a roar. Some people cheered, many snapped photos, and a few stuck around as the plane was hauled to its final resting place right next to the UAA Aviation Technology Center. Full story: Unusual 727 landing at Merrill Field draws a crowd
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Fur earmuffs, fur-lined jackets and furry, bearded Alaska men: It should come as no surprise that this year's trending accessory at the annual winter festival in Anchorage, the Fur Rondy, is animal fur.
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Permission to land: A Boeing 727 landed at Merrill Field just east of downtown Anchorage on Tuesday, marking the final flight of the retiring aircraft as FedEx donated it to the University of for technical training.
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The 2013 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race kicks off March 3, a 1,000-mile journey through the Alaska hinterland that takes mushers and their dogs through far-flung villages, and even a ghost town.
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Kikkan Randall

Pure Alaska gold: Kikkan Randall, the world's dominant sprint skier who competes for the Nordic Center at Alaska Pacific University, wowed the world on Sunday when she and U.S. teammate Jessica Diggins absolutely routed other teams in the World Championships, Sunday in Italy. Kikkan powered ahead of her competitors from Sweden and Finland to win by an astonishing 7.8-second margin -- an unheard-of margin of victory in a race typically decided by tenths of a second. It's just the latest in a string of impressive victories on the world stage for Kikkan Randall, who works at Skinny Raven Sports in Anchorage when she's not training to dominate the best in the world.  How did Anchorage produce a Nordic skier who puts the Nords to shame? Hear the East High School legend's formula for success, which she shared with Alaska Dispatch photographer Loren Holmes in an interview last year. 
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The 2013 Iditarod Trail Invitational kicked off Feb. 24, with 50 people on foot, bicycles or skis heading out into the Alaska wilderness.
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The 77th annual Fur Rendezvous Festival kicked off Friday in Alaska's largest city, with this year’s festival including all the staple activities, from the Rondy World Championship Sled Dog Races to the Running of the Reindeer.
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The team behind Racing Beringia is a small, close knit crew of two mushers and an educator, looking not only to compete in three of the world's longest and most challenging sled dog races, but to tell a larger story.
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Pot of boiling water tossed out at minus 47 celsius in Dawson City, YT

In Dawson City, that town on the other side of the Alaska-Canadian border, a resident reminds us what happens when you throw a pot of boiling water into the minus-52.6 air (that's minus-47 Celsius for those on the Yukon side). The video was posted by YouTube user "Dawson CityYukon," which belongs to the Klondike Visitors Association. We're not sure if this video by an agency trying to promote tourism for Dawson and the Yukon will encourage visitors to come north or persuade them to stay home. Either way, it's pretty cool.
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Driving west, Iron Dog racers will head toward the remote historic, gold-mining town of Nome near the tip of a peninsula in the Bering Sea by mid-week.
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Fresh Alaska cod and halibut provide a great foundation for a curried version of the classic English fried fish, plus chutney and smashed peas on the side.
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Many of the stranded white whales have been killed or wounded after repeated attacks by polar bears, who have been hanging around two six-foot-wide breathing holes.