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Young pups hit the dog mushing trails Saturday at Tozier Track in Alaska's largest city -- many of them mushers younger than their own teams.
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Veronica and Isabelle Pope aren't sure what defines an artist. Neither would call themselves artists, but this mother-daughter team stepped up to compete in this years Object Runway show, a design competition where art meets fashion.Isabelle first got the notion to participate from a family friend in 2012, when she was just 11 years old. Her mother, Veronica, was concerned about whether it was age-appropriate, but she decided that the event sounded like fun. It wound up being a good teaching moment, an event in which her daughter could learn about encouraging creativity, pursuing dreams, and following through on projects.The two had so much fun Veronica decided to participate the following year, and this year as well. Veronica, a mother of three, says: "I like to encourage my kids to think outside the box. I like to let them know there's not one way to do things."According to Isabelle, "I'm one of those people that if a person walks up to me like, 'Hey we're doing this club, it's going to be really cool, and it's going to be really fun, and you probably have no idea what it is, but do you want to join?' and I say 'Sure!'"The fifth annual Object Runway, a collaboration between IGCA and the Alaska Design Forum, was held at Bear Tooth Theatrepub on Jan. 23. Organizers ask local designers to use materials in unexpected ways to create wearable art.Isabelle Pope's dress from 2013 was made from Girl Scout cookie boxes, and this year's dress was made from used plastic gift cards punched out into guitar picks. Veronica's dress was made from woven plastic book-packing material. Other materials from the 2014 show ranged from feathers, bark, rubber and sanitary pads to LED wires and hubcaps. Veronica loves the supportive atmosphere Object Runway fosters. "There is this whole community of people who are so supportive of people like us, who are just everyday people who decided to take the leap and said 'I'm going to rise up to the challenge, and I'm going to make something,'" Isabelle said. "I'm just in it to have fun, and to live life to the fullest."Watch this video on Vimeo or YouTube, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos. Contact Tara Young at tara@alaskadispatch.com.
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With water drained off the roadway, state crews are working around the clock to clear the highway to Valdez.
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As the Seattle Seahawks prepare for the Super Bowl, a museum curator and professor of art history at the University of Washington tracks down the eagle mask most likely to have inspired the team's logo.
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The Anchorage Folk Festival celebrated its 25th anniversary with a week-long lineup of folk musicians, dancing, and music workshops. Legendary banjo player Tony Trischka told tales of his dear friend, Pete Seeger, and played several of his tunes, including a version of Seeger's 1955 arrangement of the old Irving Berlin tune, "Blue Skies." Seeger, the singer-songwriter who helped revitalize folk music in America, died Monday in New York City. He was 94 years old.Watch this video on Vimeo or YouTube, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Contact Alaska Dispatch videographer Tara Young at tara(at)alaskadispatch.com.
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Avalanches swept through Thompson Pass and Keystone Canyon on Friday and Saturday, closing the Richardson Highway north of Valdez indefinitely, the Alaska Department of Transportation said.
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More than 500 fourth through eighth graders gathered in Anchorage over the weekend to put their motorized Lego creations to the test in a competition that emphasizes technology and teamwork.
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At the Bear Tooth Theatrepub in Anchorage Thursday, 60 models strutted a bevy of unorthodox fashion choices, constructed of everything from drinking straws and fiber optic cables to wood and rubber bands.
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Facing a steep funding shortfall, Anchorage Opera is embracing a scaled-back approach that almost seems inspired by its new production of Rossini's "The Marriage Contract."      
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Having taken possession of the Big Timber Motel, the Municipality of Anchorage is working with social service groups to find new homes for the building's residents, including nine children.
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Last year, Carmen Field was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 50th birthday. A year later, the experience has given her a chance to reflect on her life.
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This is a very lean and clean soup, but you can always amp up flavor by sautéing the vegetables first in a little bit of olive oil.