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Kirsten Dixon
An orange drink mixture that's always packed in Iditarod Trail checkers' stores makes for a tangy treat when used in Russian tea.
Stephen Nowers
On Sunday, years of preparation, trial and error, defeat and victory culminated on a frozen lake in tiny Willow, Alaska, about 60 miles north of the state’s largest city, where Iditarod XL was officially under way.
Loren Holmes,Ben Anderson
Sixty-six mushers competing in the 2012 Iditarod rolled through downtown Anchorage on Saturday as snow fell lightly on the exuberant crowd lining Fourth Avenue.
Craig Medred
One thing about the Far North hasn't changed since Archdeacon Hudson Stuck roamed the country by dogsled 100 years ago: The best gift one winter traveler can give another is a trail.
Loren Holmes
Sandwiched between Ray and Ryan Redington are six former champions, including defending champ and record-holder John Baker, and Rick Swenson, 61, the winningest musher in race history with five titles.
Scott McMurren
While others in Southcentral might complain about this season's snowfall, Valdez is Alaska's snowfall capital. Here's a good way to kill a day (or a week) in this winter wonderland.
Stephen Nowers
Mushers and their teams piled into the Iditarod Headquarters parking lot for the 2012 Iditarod vet check on Wednesday.
Robert J. Lype, Jr.
The 12th annual Denali National Park WinterFest was blessed with great weather as folks from the area gathered to take advantage of a fun-filled winter day in one of America's largest, most famous and most beautiful national parks.
Some are drawn to the Iditarod Trail to compete. Others, to escape. Videographer Lacemine29 on why to compete in Iditarod Invitational: "Stated simply, I was teaching myself to be a more savvy backcountry traveler, to be able to go deeper and longer, more efficiently and with less risk. I intended to spend as many of my allotted heartbeats out away from the influence of cities and civilization, deep in the heart of something bigger."
Craig Medred
Follow Alaska Dispatch reporter Craig Medred as he covers the Iditarod Invitational -- the human-powered cousin of the Iditarod sled-dog race.
Kirsten Dixon
When you're trekking the Iditarod trail on foot, not just any energy bar will do. That's why Alaska chef Kirsten Dixon's recipe has been a hit among Iditarod Invitational racers since 1983.
Craig Medred

Stop Shell #savethearctic

Lucy Lawless, the actress best known for the title role in the cult television show "Xena: Warrior Princess," joined a group of Greenpeace activists on Feb. 23 and boarded an oil-drilling ship owned by Shell Oil Co. bound for the Alaska Arctic. The group is protesting proposed offshore drilling in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas off northwest Alaska. This video, uploaded by Greenpeace of New Zealand, captures the early stages of the occupation. Read much more, here.