Buffeted by strong winds, hundreds of anxious Alaska drivers got a chance to stare down wolves, moose and even grizzly bears through the windows of their vehicles during the annual Denali National Park road lottery.
Alaska Dispatch staff
High winds and heavy rains have caused high water around Southcentral Alaska since an atmospheric "fire hose" began dumping moisture on the wind-lashed region over the weekend.
Gold brought thousands of adventurers north to Nome, Alaska, at the turn of the 20th century, men who planned to get rich quick before deserting the Last Frontier. A century later, it's gold that's bringing them north once again.
Loren Holmes
The debate over whether to build a wind farm on Anchorage's Fire Island has raged since the 1990s. Now the turbines are ready to spin
Kirsten Dixon
Fall brings deeper flavors to Alaska's table as game meat and root vegetables reach kitchens across the land. Luckily, the season's bountiful berries are the perfect complement.
Craig Medred
Anchorage’s nearly 300,000 residents got a glimpse of the city's famous star on Mount Gordon Lyon in the Chugach Mountains on Sept. 11, in recognition of those who lost their lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Laurel Andrews
“Creature Feature,” will hold its opening reception at Middle Way Café on Friday, Sept. 14, between 6 and 8 p.m., and it will run through Oct. 9.
Loren Holmes,Craig Medred
Off the far western edge of the North American continent, nearly 1,500 people struggle in a daily battle for survival on Saint Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea.
Craig Medred
Each autumn, vegetables from the Alaska State Fair are donated to the orphaned animals of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. 
Man on a mission: After a brutal winter when heating oil ran nearly $7 a gallon, Mark Leary launched a project to create a lumber industry in Southwest Alaska.
Alaska Dispatch staff
Wind gusts varied from 70 mph to a reported 131 mph just before 8 p.m. near the Glen Alps parking lot in Anchorage's Hillside neighborhood abutting the Chugach Range.