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The 49th Estate: The Fleischers' historic home

Lanie and Hugh Fleischer's quirky home shows its history.
Alaska Dispatch

Noorvik fish camp

Residents of Noorvik, a village in Northwest Alaska, move out to the riverbanks in the summer so they can fish and stock up food for the winter.

Red Dog goes boom

At the Red Dog Mine in Northwest Alaska, a mix of ammonia nitrate and diesel fuel is ignited in order to blast the rock containing valuable zinc. Read the whole story at
Alaska Dispatch

Anchorage's Music in the Park

Check out Music in the Park noon to 1 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays at Peratrovich Park in Anchorage.
Alaska Dispatch

The 49th Estate: Hollis French's home base

Hollis French is a state senator running for governor. His home, which has served as a base for his campaign, is also a place for all his books, outdoor gear, and art.
Alaska Dispatch

Checking in with 'Oil Addicts Anonymous'

On June 2, Anchorage-based group "Oil Addicts Anonymous" and others joined outside BP's Alaska headquarters to protest U.S. dependence on oil and denounce the oil spill caused by the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
Alaska Dispatch

Flying to Emmonak

This video was taken on a flight to Emmonak, Alaska.

Alaska Dispatch

The 49th Estate: Just the right size

Bob Poe lives in a small downtown Anchorage house that he thinks fits him perfectly.
Alaska Dispatch

Traditional dancing in Emmonak

A community dance at the Emmonak community hall in May, 2010.
Alaska Dispatch

The 49th Estate: A good investment

Much of what Deborah Brollini believes can be traced to her appreciation of home -- not just in the physical sense, but what a home means financially, emotionally and practically. Brollini is a volunteer for Covenant House, a shelter for homeless teens, and is an advocate for energy independence. She's a founding member of Alaska Energy Dudes and Divas, a group of citizens concerned about the state's primary industry. Brollini believes the first sign of a tanking economy is a decline in home values -- including her own -- and jobs (particularly oil and mining jobs) are what's needed to boost Alaska's financial stability.

11th Annual Blessing of the Bikes

Hundreds of riders gathered in Palmer, Alaska on Saturday, May 15, 2010 for the 11th annual Blessing of the Bikes. Butte resident Scott Paquette's has attended the last three. "It gives you peace of mind when you get your bike blessed," said Paquette. "You can relax. You've got somebody looking out for you."