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Service Cougars' 12-0 home victory over the South Anchorage Wolverines in semifinal game of the Cook Inlet Conference flag football playoffs on Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014.
Marc Lester
Growers and retailers in the vicinity of Wenatchee, Washington, have been busy. Washington state this year began issuing permits for marijuana businesses. In this video, take a look at two large grow operations and hear from a store owner, lawmakers and citizens about how life has changed since Initiative 502 passed two years ago, legalizing recreational marijuana in Washington.What would legalized marijuana look like in the Last Frontier? Alaskans are in the midst of the debate surrounding Ballot Measure 2, the initiative seeking to legalize, tax and regulate recreational marijuana. In late September, Alaska Dispatch News headed to Washington state to see how the fledgling industry is taking shape and how legalized marijuana is affecting the state’s economic and cultural landscape.For much more on the newest agricultural industry in central Washington, find this story by reporter Laurel Andrews.Watch this video on YouTube or Vimeo, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos. Contact Marc Lester at mlester(at)
Marc Lester
Marijuana growers and retailers have been busy near Wenatchee, Washington, this year. Legalization of recreational marijuana was passed by voters in Washington in 2012 
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The Slotterhouse Five

Andrew McLean is considered one of the country’s finest ski mountaineers, a term he prefers to "extreme skier" because he climbs up mountains and then skis down them. He lives in Utah and skis the Wasatch mountains daily, but one of his favorite places is Alaska’s Wrangell and St. Elias ranges."The cool thing about skiing in the Wrangells is that you just get everything," says McLean. "You’ve got some of the highest peaks in North America. It’s got huge ski descents. You’ve got glaciers, steeps, powder, flats, just about everything you could look for." McLean calls his video Skiing Solidarity Peak. He has skied the Wrangell and St. Elias ranges a half-dozen times "and on one of those trips, I skied a region so stacked with massive slot-like couloirs we named it 'The Slotterhouse,'" McLean told Powder Magazine in its October issue.   
Marc Lester
Arctic Entries, now in its sixth season, has gathered about 250 stories from Alaskans.
Lori Montgomery | Washington Post
A high-tech charting effort is slowly gaining ground as part of an effort to improve aviation safety in the Last Frontier.
Cook Inlet Conference flag football playoffs at Anchorage Football Stadium on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014.
Bill Roth
Volunteers from the Engine 557 Restoration Company, an Alaska nonprofit corporation, are working on the "restoration to operation" of an Alaska Railroad S-160 class 2-8-0 steam locomotive built in 1944 and originally used by the U.S. Army during World War II.  The Alaska Railroad Corp. plans to operate the  locomotive on excursions to Portage during the summer.
Bob Hallinen
When the Mears Memorial Bridge was completed in 1923, spanning the Tanana River at Nenana, it represented the final link in the Alaska Railroad and was the longest in the state, a title it held until earlier this year.
Suzanna Caldwell
Couples lined up early Monday at the Anchorage office of the Bureau of Vital Statistics to obtain marriage licenses, a day after a U.S. District Court judge overturned Alaska’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
Alex DeMarban
Alaska's proposed liquefied natural gas project is moving along, albeit slowly, as the state and its partners work to make the stars align for an LNG plant on the Kenai Peninsula and an 800-mile pipeline running from the North Slope, among other project hurdles.
Steve Quinn
Joe and T.J. Young are at the heart of a resurgence in totem pole art throughout Southeast Alaska.