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Mike Dunham
This week in the arts, there are new works in the Alaska Contemporary Art Bank, a new acoustic shell for the Atwood Concert Hall and a dance director at Alaska Dance Theatre.
Nat Herz
The Valley of 10,000 Smokes in Katmai National Park has several selling points for the outdoors travel without a fat wallet. It's reasonably cheap, especially if you have some airline mileage. It's much different than anything you'll see in Southcentral Alaska and the hike doesn't require technical skills.
Erik Hill
UAA hosts Willamette University of Salem, Oregon, in the lone Seawolves cross-country running meet of the year on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014, on the Beach Lake Trails at Chugiak. 
Suzanna Caldwell
Despite temperatures in Fairbanks, Alaska dipping toward 40-below zero Saturday, scientists waded into the slushy Chena River, nets in tow, collecting a handful of mallard ducks and bringing them back to a makeshift lab downtown.
Alaska Dispatch
Even when it's packed with tourists, Fletcher's has an old Anchorage charm.
Alaska Dispatch News
Ronn Murray of Ronn Murray Photography captured incredible footage of northern lights Sept. 4, 2014.  He was giving a tour to a small group of aurora first-timers who, as you can hear in the video, were thrilled at the light show before them. Murray said, “We still get excited about a display of this magnitude despite years of doing this. But the true magic is in showing this to first-timers.”Murray predicts that tonight and tomorrow night will trump that light show and possibly be the best show of the season. If you can't see aurora from your area, you can always tune in to Murray's live aurora webcam.
Marc Lester
The colors of autumn brighten the landscape in the Anchorage area and beyond. 
Alaska Dispatch News

Slednecks | 'Welcome to Alaska!' Official Promo | MTV

Set your DVR and crack a PBR: "Slednecks" is coming.Originally billed as an Alaska reboot of the canceled "Buckwild," MTV's "Slednecks" promises to showcase the best of northern ingenuity as it documents the lives of young people who enjoy consuming alcohol, engineering unconventional watercraft, engaging with wildlife, and appreciating the out-of-doors.Often unclothed, if the "Welcome to Alaska!" promotional video is any indication.(The video also depicts cast members feeding moose, which, as MTV corporate may not be aware, is against the law. Presumably it is not the only legally-questionable activity in which the young protagonists will engage.)"Slednecks" drops Oct. 30 on MTV. 
Alaska Dispatch News

First underwater video of one of Franklin's historic shipwrecks

It’s been more than 160 years since Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated Arctic voyage, in which two of his ships, the Erebus and the Terror, were deserted at sea after being trapped in the ice. The wreckage was discovered earlier this month, a find that John Geiger, chief executive officer of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, called "one of the two most important undiscovered shipwrecks in the world."This is the first footage of one of the expedition ships -- it is unclear which one -- captured by​ Parks Canada’s underwater archaeology team. 
Erik Hill
The U.S. Women’s Eagles Sevens rugby team is spending a week training at the Alaska Mountain Rugby Grounds above Potter Marsh on the Anchorage Hillside. 
Loren Holmes
On Wednesday afternoon, 56 young girls and their nervous parents waited in a church foyer while each family went, one at a time, into a room to audition for the Anchorage Concert Association’s production of Les Misérables.
Alaska Dispatch News
Cirque Mechanics is a distinctive circus experience, its inspiration based in American mechanical ingenuity. The show utilizes inventive aerial devices that showcase the relationship between the acrobatic and mechanical worlds. Cirque Mechanics wowed audiences with its show at the 2014 Alaska State Fair.