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Polar Bear Films Cub's First Steps Outside of Den

John Downer Productions recently uploaded footage from its 2010 BBC show called “Polar Bear -- Spy on the Ice,” which used remote controlled cameras to capture insights into the unseen lives of polar bears. In this clip we see the mother polar bear playing with the spy camera, flipping it around as though adjusting it to capture the cub's first steps outside the den. Similar to a home movie, the bear moves the camera again and again and finally gets the perfect final shot.To submit your video to Alaska Dispatch News contact Tara Young at tara(at)
Shelby Lum
Between a warm, sunny night and a long, hard hill near the end of the race course, sweat was everywhere Friday evening at the Jeff Dusenbury SweatFest.
Dermot Cole
Some Kenai River dipnetting "experts" said to go before or after low tide. Others said go before or after high tide. The best advice came from a guy who must have studied at the feet of Yogi Berra. He said it’s best to go whenever the fish are running.
Mike Dunham
An extinct Alaska version of Scotland's mythical Loch Ness Monster, identified last month in the Talkeetna Mountains, will be part of a multimedia diorama in Midtown Anchorage by artist James Havens. 
Marc Lester
Summer on Kodiak Island, the nation's second-largest island, reveals a striking alpine landscape, rugged beaches, lush coastal land, and an active fishing city.
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Between a Rock & a Rock (is the distance spent searching for fertile soil) Official By Harm

The Fairbanks music ensemble Harm, lead by vocalist Rebecca File, recently shot a video for the song "Between a Rock & a Rock (is the distance spent searching for fertile soil)" atop Murphy Dome. The song is from the group's debut self-titled EP, which is composed of a revolving cast of musicians.The experimental music project includes cello, upright bass, beatboxing, clarinet with hip-hop, classical and folk influences. The lyrics explore themes of gender identity and sexuality, and tend to be stoic and dark. "Between a Rock & a Rock" started off as a poem penned by beat boxer Heather Warren, and the video features 20 women who answered a call for female-identified individuals to participate in the project.Harm says of its unusual sound and approach, "Whether the music compels you to dance, or intently listen,it leaves you with a feeling that is hard to describe and not easily dismissed.”Harm will be performing at the Spectrum Festival in Chickaloon on July 25.To submit your video to Alaska Dispatch News contact Tara Young at tara(at)
Maya Evoy
 The inspiration stuck with me. I should try to duplicate this dish, I thought.
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The Associated Press Archive has made a wealth of news footage of Alaska available on YouTube. From Sarah Palin resigning to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the news agency has documented some of Alaska’s biggest moments.This mini-documentary from August 18, 1976, chronicles some of the troubles and turmoil of building what's now the trans-Alaska pipeline. In particular, the video examines possible faulty welds along buried sections of the pipeline that led to delays, as well as the economic boom accompanying the influx of thousands of workers that led to dramatic changes in Alaska's cities.Despite the delays, oil began pumping through the 800-mile pipeline in 1977, just two years after the first stretch of pipe was laid, and quickly became Alaska's primary economic driver. From pipeline-workers' life in the Arctic to crime, prostitution and alleged union corruption -- Teamsters' leader Jesse Carr is briefly featured, a man whose "friends and enemies agreed that his influence in Alaska was second only to that of the governor," the Los Angeles Times wrote in 1985 --  the documentary offers a compelling look at life in Alaska during the pipeline construction's late-'70s heyday.To submit your video to Alaska Dispatch News contact Tara Young at tara(at)
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Iditarod treadmill 4 of 5

The kennel at Dallas Seavey Racing includes a 50-foot treadmill in a refrigerated trailer to train his dogs during the off-season.Seavey keeps the treadmill trailer at 40 degrees to ensure that the dogs will stay cool during summer training sessions. “By being able to work them out year-round, we can work that heart year-round,” Seavey says. “We can create a more solid foundation for the dog to build from as we lead into Iditarod.”The video is one in a series of videos from Seavey about his training methods.He's not the only one to employ a treadmill for off-season training. At the Happy Trails Kennel, Martin Buser uses a refrigerated treadmill he made from the Alaska Zoo's former elephant treadmill. To submit your video to Alaska Dispatch News contact Tara Young at tara(at)
Mara Severin
It’s sometimes weird, sometimes perplexing and sometimes delicious.
Erik Hill
Military members, veterans and spouses received employment and networking advice from panelists at the JBER Transition Summit Wednesday at the Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage. 
Tara Young
An uninvited wild black bear at the Alaska Zoo caused a closure until early afternoon Wednesday, when it decided to leave on its own accord.