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AKRN - Victory Chili

Editor's note: This is the second in a series of six Alaska Robotics News multimedia commentaries leading up to the 2014 general election. Look online for new videos each Monday and Thursday.I opened my email and there it was, “Stop by for a bowl of homemade Victory Chili!”With the general election so far away and polling still tight, I knew it was too early to celebrate victory. This must be something else. An ancient source of power upon which Alaskan Republicans have long dined? A dish imbued with the very essence of victory?I had to know. I had to drink from this spicy fountain of bean juice.Victory is a bloody word, derived from battle and conquest. The roots of victory tie deeply to warfare, and it's hard to argue that elections are not battles. Reputations are dismembered and soldiers fall for their leaders.I suppose political battles are always fought this way, with noise and bombast. With reality distortion fields and rivers of cash corrupting the entire process. All for an audience that is barely awake or too busy to pay attention.It seems like there must be a better way, but the system is alive and provides its own strange incentives.There's a film I like very much called "Princess Mononoke." It's an ambiguous story with very little room for good and evil. The protagonist, an exiled prince, views his own purpose in the story's conflict as seeing with eyes unclouded by hate. I think that's an important role in any conflict.As the general election looms, it's tempting to pick a team and fire all guns in the opposite direction, but why? Look across the battlefield and you'll see people you know and love. Political ideologies aren't battle lines, and we can respectfully disagree if we abandon our own frustration.I think I'm writing all this because of the chili. I feel slightly euphoric, probably an increase in endorphins brought on by magic beans.Or maybe Victory Chili doesn't have any magical properties at all. Maybe Victory Chili isn't even about destruction of our enemies or which campaign has the bigger pile of cheddar. Maybe Victory Chili is something more powerful, maybe Victory Chili is just taking a moment to break bread, and wind, with your neighbors.Created by Pat Race, Lou Logan, Aaron Suring, Jamie Karnik and many others, Alaska Robotics News is a political satire series focused on Alaska. The series was initially funded through Kickstarter and some cash donated in an unmarked brown paper bag. Alaska Robotics is a group in Juneau publishing short films, comics and many other creative works. Follow their projects online at or in person at their gallery at 220 Front Street.The views expressed here are the writer's own and are not necessarily endorsed by Alaska Dispatch News, which welcomes a broad range of viewpoints. To submit a piece for consideration, email commentary(at)
The Ontario Reign defeated the Alaska Aces 4-1 at the Sullivan Arena on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014, on their way to a season-opening three-game series sweep of the defending Kelly Cup champions on their home ice.
After 29 years, KTUU's leading women Maria Downey and Jackie Purcell may be among the state's most recognized and respected female journalists.
Marc Lester
Eielson beat Nikiski, 55-51, in the 2014 Alaska State Small Schools Championship football game.
The Soldotna High School football team won the medium school Alaska State Football Championship for the third straight time on Saturday, October 18, 2014, at Dimond Alumni Field in Anchorage. The Stars defeated the North Pole Patriots 57-28 to win a state record seven championships. 
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DB3 produces drinks, drops and candies infused with marijuana’s active ingredient. Company co-founder Patrick Devlin talks about his product and his goals to expand, and gives a tour of his facility near downtown Seattle.What would legalized marijuana look like in the Last Frontier? Alaskans are in the midst of the debate surrounding Ballot Measure 2, the initiative seeking to legalize, tax and regulate recreational marijuana. In late September, Alaska Dispatch News headed to Washington state to see how the fledgling industry is taking shape and how legalized marijuana is affecting the state’s economic and cultural landscape.See how legalized marijuana has played out in Wenatchee, Washington, in this video.Read more: Seattle cannabis edibles company hopes to bring product line to AlaskaWatch this video on YouTube or Vimeo, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos. Contact Marc Lester at mlester(at)
Marc Lester
DB3 Inc. is producing edible marijuana products in a converted chicken salad factory in Washington.
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NASA | Mapping Alaska's Forests

NASA and the U.S. Forest Service have partnered to survey the Tanana Valley State Forest of Interior Alaska.The airborne investigation looks at fire-burned areas in the forest to enable scientists to see patterns of fire recovery and develop a benchmark for future changes to the region.
The Alaska Aces dropped five banners at Sullivan Arena on Friday night to signify their substantial success last hockey season.
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In Seattle, bus companies hope to capitalize on the new marijuana industry by providing tours and mobile smoking lounges.
Dimond outlasts Service 6-0 to win the Cook Inlet Conference flag football championship Friday, Oct. 17, 2014 at Service.