U.S. Open Local Qualifier at Settlers Bay Golf Course near Wasilla on Wednesday.
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Bear Climbs Electric Pole, Raids Nest

While on a wood bison hunt in Alberta, Canada, O.F. Mossberg & Sons Director of Media Relations Linda Powell came upon an unexpected sight -- a bear climbing an electric tower to raid a raven nest. Two angry birds look on as the bear climbs and descends the pole in an extreme search for a snack.To submit your videos to Alaska Dispatch News contact Tara Young at tara(at)alaskadispatch.com.
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Anchorage celebrated Bike to Work Day on Wednesday morning, May 20, 2015, with 30 treat stations around town offering donuts, bacon, drinks and entertainment.
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Watch a 2-hour long bike commute compressed into 2 minutes. Anchorage celebrated Bike to Work Day on Wednesday with 30 treat stations around town offering donuts, bacon, drinks and entertainment. Come along for the ride as we visit seven stations, each offering a different treat for bike commuters participating in Bike to Work Day in Alaska's largest city.The perennial favorite Bike Anchorage Bacon Station along Chester Creek east of the Seward Highway offered bacon, cookies, coupons for beer, entertainment including DJ Brendan Babb and stilt-walking juggler Meghan Holtan, and mechanical assistance for balky bicycles.Other stations around Anchorage commuter routes provided energy bars, safety items, Twinkies, buttered toast, yogurt, fruit, barley-flour pancakes, macarons, smoked salmon, bagels with cream cheese and other items.Bike Anchorage organized the stations in tandem with the municipality's sponsorship of Bike to Work Day. Watch this video on YouTube, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos.
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Hockey gold medalist Zoe Hickel returned to her former school and classroom on Tuesday at O'Malley Elementary School. "It's so great to be back and see familiar faces," she said.
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Swedish man scares the living shit out of an attacking bear

A Swedish man came very close to being attacked by a brown bear, but his primal roar was apparently enough to drive the animal back into the forest. Ralph Persson is from Ljusdal, north of Stockholm, and was reportedly out training a beagle in the Jämtland forests when he sensed something was wrong based on his dog's behavior.When the brown bear was just a few feet away from Persson, he let out the roar that might have saved his life. Persson and his wife Lena captured the encounter on camera.Persson told Helahalsingland, “To lie down and play dead I do not believe in.”
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Everybody who came to the Anchorage Museum’s weekend appraisal event wanted to know the same thing about the often-unusual items they brought in: What is this, exactly? And is it worth something?
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A few things you may not know about Mary Franklin, the force behind the wildly popular Star Wars Celebration fan events.
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Gold Nugget Triathlon at Bartlett High School on Sunday, May 17, 2015.   
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The Little Norway Festival in the Southeast Alaska community of Petersburg is a celebration of the signing of Norway’s constitution on May 17, 1814. Petersburg, a fishing town strong Norwegian roots, holds the festival every year in mid-May, and features traditional Norwegian foods, dance and events such as the herring toss.Watch this video on YouTube, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos. Contact Tara Young at tara(at)alaskadispatch.com.
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The referee ended a soccer game between Service and Bartlett after giving red cards to two Service coaches in the first half.