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A flightseeing plane carrying nine people, eight of them passengers on a Holland America Line cruise ship, crashed Thursday near Ketchikan, killing all onboard, authorities say.
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The Chugiak Chinooks played the Anchorage Glacier Pilots on Wednesday at Loretta French Field.
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As a golfing innocent, I’ve been driving by the Anchorage Golf Course, complete with restaurant and bar, for years without even knowing it. Recently, while driving down O’Malley, I noticed a sandwich board on the side of the road advertising live music on Friday nights and my curiosity was piqued. In South Anchorage, you can’t afford to ignore any new place to eat or drink or be entertained. A little research indicated that, seasonally at least, O’Malley’s on the Green is a full-service restaurant operating seven days a week. Who knew?Read more: O'Malley's on the Green not quite a hole in one
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The US Navy’s guided missile destroyer USS Shoup paid a visit to the Port of Anchorage on Wednesday.
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Lake Hood has long been touted as part of the world’s busiest floatplane center. Now it could be the vector for the spread of elodea, a leafy, long-stemmed plant notorious for crowding out native species of freshwater flora. 
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Military aircraft take off from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage on Tuesday morning, June 23, 2015, while participating in Alaska's premier joint training exercise, Northern Edge. 
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Bob Hajdukovich, the CEO of Ravn Alaska airlines, flew to his cabin near Healy Lake on June 17 because of reported lightning strikes in the area. While in the area, Hajdukovich captured this footage of aerial tankers deploying fire retardant over the Healy Lake fire. Hajdukovich says he "stayed the night trying to help set up a protection zone around our cabin in case the wind shifted and the fire threatened the structure." MD-80 and BA-146 aircraft played a critical role in saving structures from being destroyed.Read more: Two lightning-caused fires in Interior expected to mergeTo submit your video to Alaska Dispatch News, contact Tara Young at tara(at)
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Les Sheppard dreams of building an Anchorage tennis complex. He says he’s got a plan to do it, and he’s eyeing 14 acres of city parkland near the University of Alaska Anchorage.
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For $20 per adult, Anchorage Trolley Tours offers visitors a narrated ride around downtown, Ship Creek and West Anchorage.
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A video that surfaced over the weekend of a man jumping onto the back of a moose from a moving boat while the animal attempted to cross a waterway has sparked an investigation, Canadian media reports.The video, reportedly shot on a lake in northern British Columbia, shows a shirtless man standing on the bow of a boat as it approaches a moose moving through shoulder-deep water. As the boat pulls alongside the moose, the man jumps onto the animal's back and rides it briefly, with one hand raised in the air, before dismounting. Other people in the boat can be heard laughing as they watch.The video was uploaded to YouTube Saturday by B.C.-based Wolftracker TV.Global News reports the video was filmed on Tuchodi Lakes, located in northeast British Columbia, though CTV News cites a conservation officer as saying it appears the video took place on a river.Officials are investigating the incident, since it's a fairly obvious case of harassing wildlife, but a Canadian conservation officer told CTV News that "it doesn't look like this video was taken this year." 
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At the Anchorage rodeo, there’s only one event that boasts a class toddlers can compete in: It’s called mutton busting.Though the rodeo announcer sometimes jokingly refers to it as the “last legal form of child abuse,” mutton busting is one of the rodeo’s most popular events.The event puts children as young as 18 months old -- wearing protective helmets and vests -- on the backs of sheep. The kids cling to the sheep, which then run a bit. The idea is to stay on for six seconds.  Wasilla 2-year-old Annie May Lacey had some advice for accomplishing that goal: “Hold on tight.”READ MORE: 'Mutton bustin'' a kid-size event at Alaska rodeo
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The Anchorage rodeo boasts a variety of events, but only one that toddlers can compete in -- it's called mutton busting, though it's sometimes jokingly referred to as the "last legal form of child abuse."