Erik Hill
Veterans were honored and fallen service members were remembered at Memorial Day events held around Anchorage on Monday, May 25, 2015. 
Alex DeMarban
Travelers seeking discount lodging off the beaten path can find it at its most rugged in Alaska, thanks to an increasing number of hosts offering everything from backcountry yurts to cabins, even a tent in Northwest Alaska.
Doyle Woody
Allie Ostrander of Kenai is the fastest distance-running girl to ever come out of an Alaska high school. 
Matt Reed
What if you could surf and paddle off a virtually untouched beach? In Alaska, that's still possible. See photos from one writer's four-day trip aboard the Milo, a commercial fishing vessel turned seaworthy surfmobile.
Maia Nolan-Partnow
The Sparck sisters grew up surrounded by nutrient-rich Alaska botanicals and have now taken them to market in their high-end ArXotica skincare products.
Michaela Goertzen
A day-trip with Ultima Thule Outfitters in pictures.
Jamey Bradbury
Roughly a third of Alaska’s population is reachable only by boat or airplane, so the pilots who fly Skyvans, Cessnas and de Havilland Beavers act as a lifeline to the Bush. 
Julia O'Malley
Take a photo tour of the windswept remnants of this Aleutian island, once home to a bustling military base.
Michaela Goertzen
A day-trip to Barrow in pictures.
Sara Loewen
For 10 years, Sara and her growing family have been perfecting their summer routine -- a move from Kodiak to their cabin on Amook Island for setnetting season.
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Varsity boys soccer teams from East and Bartlett high schools reflect their schools' rankings as the two most diverse in the United States. 
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Southside Strength and Fitness hosted the first of the local Special Olympics powerlifting games on May 17, 2015. Bobby Hill is one of the two Special Olympics powerlifters who train at Southside Strength and Fitness, along with friend and competitor Richard Renwick.During the match last Sunday, Hill deadlifted 308 lbs. Even though it wasn’t his personal record for deadlifts, you could feel the excitement in the room as Hill hugged longtime coaches Hal Lloyd and Ron Burnett. Since Hill started training with Lloyd in 2010, Hill has squatted over 340 lbs. and deadlifted approximately 325 lbs. His bench press last Saturday at 198 lbs. was a personal record. The state games will be held June 5-7 at East High School in Anchorage.To submit your video to Alaska Dispatch News contact Tara Young at tara(at)