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Penn State rebuffed UAA’s early comeback and bagged a 5-2 nonconference hockey win Friday night at Sullivan Arena.​
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A major search was underway Friday -- the third day in a row -- in the Western Alaska village of Unalakleet for a 74-year-old woman last seen Wednesday, Alaska State Troopers said.
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The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree arrives in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Nov. 20, 2015.
As hockey assists go, they don’t come much bigger than the $200,000 donation that will allow girls high school hockey to continue in Anchorage for at least another three seasons.
Kim Sunée
I always save space on my plate for a few spoonfuls of jiggly canned cranberry sauce, but I also like to offer a fresh version that marries bergamot-scented Earl Grey tea with whole warming spices that play well with tart cranberry.
Bob Hallinen
National Guard veteran Derrick Green left full-time employment to pursue a personal crusade of community service, and his first stop is the Pop-Up Feed the Homeless Show on Nov. 21 in Anchorage.
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907’s Own: The Untold Story of the Alaskan Hip-Hop Scene

When you think about the history of hip-hop, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta typically come to mind -- usually not Alaska. But there has been a group of Alaska rappers dedicated to the genre. "907’s Own: the Untold Story of the Alaskan Hip-Hop Scene" highlights the creative minds of the 49th state, their personal tales and struggles to make it in the hip-hop world. These artists have had varying degrees of success against the odds of being from an isolated place but all of them have the chops of rappers from the Lower 48.Josh Boots traveled the country performing as a young rapper but eventually had to take up a day job as a real estate agent and settle down. “I either had to leave everything I had and go somewhere else to spread the music, or stay here and be a dad and a husband,” says Boots. Alkota is a producer originally from South Anchorage who sells beats online as The Drum Broker with the help of Shopify, the film's producer. Alkota’s dream is for the local artists he recorded with to make it in the national hip-hop scene.Alaska Redd started his career in the '90s and hoped to put Alaska on the hip-hop map. And while it’s been a struggle to keep making beats and recording, he keeps at it. As Alaska Redd’s lyrics say, “I try my best to live with no regrets.” Keezy is a young up-and-comer. While all of the artists seem determined to keep at it, Keezy has no doubts. According to Keezy, “You have to be willing to lose everything to gain it all.”To submit your video to Alaska Dispatch News, contact the multimedia team at photo(at) 
Bob Hallinen
A magpie flies around inside the Z.J. Loussac Library in Anchorage, AK on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015. Library staff believes the magpie entered the building through the construction area on Sunday Nov. 15. The library is under-going renovation. Staff have propped a window open and placed food near the window in hopes of luring it outside. They are hoping it will exit when the weather warms up. The magpie is not causing any problems except for the staff having to clean up after it. Two magpies were inside the library in October and they left through the open window.
Marc Lester
Alaska Fighting Championship 118 featured nine fights and a guest appearance by UFC president Dana White on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.
Mara Severin
Of course, Roscoe’s reputation for good barbecue is no secret. He’s been in the business for decades, with past restaurants on Government Hill, the Sears Mall, and a bustling stand at the Alaska State Fair (a non-negotiable part of my family’s annual fair pilgrimage).
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Polar Bear Cub Update

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a new addition in the polar bear den. A polar bear cub weighing 1.5 pounds is being tended to by zoo staff after her mother Aurora stopped caring for her last week.Polar bears have the lowest reproductive rates of all mammals. Aurora, the mother, and her 8-year-old twin Anana, arrived at the zoo in 2010. Both mated with a 28-year-old bear.To submit your video to Alaska Dispatch News, contact the multimedia team at photo(at)  
Loren Holmes
The obsolete 61-foot high Eklutna dam, built in 1929, may soon be dismantled, allowing salmon to return to the river.