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Brig. Gen. Laurie Hummel, adjutant general of the Alaska National Guard and commissioner of the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs, presided over a ceremony on Sunday, March 22, 2015 where Brig. Gen. Leon M. “Mike” Bridges handed over the reigns of command of the Alaska Army National Guard to Col. Joseph Streff.Bridges will retire May 1, 2015. He had served as commander of the Army National Guard since January 2012.Read more: Top leaders in Alaska National Guard set to retire
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I Am A Winter Cyclist | INDIE ALASKA

Indie Alaska is an original video series produced by Alaska Public Media in partnership with PBS Digital Studios. The weekly series captures the diverse and colorful lifestyles of everyday Alaskans at work and at play. Together, these videos present a fresh and authentic look at living in Alaska.In this episode, winter weather won't stop Ellie Mitchell from hitting the road (or the trail) on her fat bike. She picked up cycling from her dad, and now she regularly competes against him and other cyclists in the Anchorage winter racing circuit.  
This is the third season in Antarctica for Rosemary McGuire of Haines, and she's become something of a Ms. Fix-It -- one day patching the Zodiac’s rubber skin, the next maintaining motors and electronics, the next piloting scientists to locations where they're studying penguins and whales out to collect data. Few scientists  know much about driving the boats, so she's particularly valuable.
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The Barrow boys, West boys, Dimond girls and Sitka girls all won state basketball titles on Saturday at Sullivan Arena.
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A basic element of human life is being redefined on the edge of the Bering Sea, in one of the country’s harshest construction environments. Street by street and home by home, much of Hooper Bay slowly is being retooled into the modern era with running water and flush toilets, with sinks and showers and, in some homes, even washers and dryers.
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NASA | Measuring Mars' Ancient Ocean

Scientists believe that an ancient Martian ocean held more water than the Arctic Ocean on Earth. It once covered what is now the planet's arid northern plains and would have contained at least 20 million cubic kilometers (12.4 million cubic miles) of water. That was during the planet's wet Noachian period, which ended about 3.7 billion years ago when life was just emerging on Earth, according to NASA Goddard. This new picture of early Mars raises the odds for the possibility of ancient life existing on the Red Planet.
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A midflight marriage proposal Wednesday, March 18, 2015, left an Alaska Airlines flight attendant so speechless she almost forgot to say yes. 
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Championship contenders are determined in semifinal games at 3A and 4A March Madness Alaska on Friday at Sullivan Arena. 
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NOME -- There was a sickening pop, followed by an eerie silence as the crowd inside Breakers Bar realized what they’d witnessed: Aliy Zirkle had just broken some woman's arm. Grace Liu learned a painful lesson about tangling with mushers Wednesday night in Nome when Zirkle, a 45-year-old sled dog racing superstar from Two Rivers, snapped the California lawyer’s arm like a piece of driftwood during an arm-wrestling match just hours after the 15-time Iditarod finisher guided her team to a fifth-place finish in the 2015 Iditarod.“Everyone gasped,” said Liu, a 36-year-old patent lawyer from Fresno. “And you know it takes a lot to quiet a bar in Nome.”Zirkle said it was her first arm-wrestling contest. And likely her last.“God, I feel bad,” she said Friday.Read more: Post-Iditarod arm-wrestling match leaves fan with broken bone and musher Zirkle mortified 
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The match in Nome's Breakers Bar took place less than five hours after Aliy Zirkle crossed the finish line. It sent California lawyer and big Iditarod fan Grace Liu to the hospital for a sling. 
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NOME -- Her blistered, frostbitten fingertips covered in tape, the iron lady of Alaska sled dog racing collapsed into a snowbank early Thursday morning in Nome and let out a deep, satisfied sigh.“It really feels good to get off my feet,” said Willow’s DeeDee Jonrowe, who finished 31st after nearly 11 days on the Iditarod trail.With 30 Iditarod finishes behind her, perhaps the most beloved musher in the field had earned a break.Clad in her omnipresent pink parka, Jonrowe took time in the predawn hours to discuss her sled dog racing legacy and reflect on her accomplishments during more than three decades of running Alaska huskies across the wild. Though she said she has no plans to retire, Jonrowe admitted this year’s race was one of the toughest.“This wasn’t a bad race, just a hard race,” she said.Read more: Weary, frostbitten DeeDee Jonrowe, iron lady of the Iditarod, finishes 30th race
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Anchorage police served a search warrant on the Alaska Cannabis Club's downtown clubhouse on Friday afternoon, taking boxes of evidence from the residence as club owner Charlo Greene watched. Anchorage Police Department spokesperson Jennifer Castro told reporters on scene later Friday afternoon that police had received reports of illegal marijuana sales occurring at the clubhouse. No charges had been filed Friday, Castro said.