SEWARD -- He's only 4 months old, doesn't have a name, and mostly does what all babies do -- sleep, eat, play.

But this little guy -- with his wormy little body, big flippers and tiny little ears -- is a big deal at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. He's a northern fur seal rescued from Sand Point, a Aleutian Island community of just under 1,000 people about 570 miles southwest of Anchorage, and he's been a surprise in more ways than one.

He's the first northern fur seal the center has ever rehabilitated, according to Stranding Supervisor Halley Werner. Werner has been charge of caring for the little guy -- who now tips the scales at 18 pounds -- since he arrived a little under four months ago.

When found July 24, the seal was a tiny newborn -- only 9.5 pounds -- underweight and dehydrated when he arrived in a box at the doorstep of Alaska Fish and Game offices in Sand Point with only a note saying the mother must have died during birth.

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