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Mushers need straw — lots of straw — for their dogs during the Iditarod, and on Thursday roughly 50 volunteers in Anchorage carried, bagged and stacked about 1,500 bales of it for the 1,000-mile race to Nome.
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Three powerful exhibits opened at the Anchorage Museum on Feb. 5, all located on the third floor in a grouping that lets the viewer conveniently stroll from one to the next and see everything without doubling back.
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downtown security

Editor's note: Video includes explicit language The Anchorage Downtown Partnership reports that its “ambassadors,” who patrol downtown on foot, have recently seen an increase of aggression, and in some cases violence, from Anchorage’s homeless, especially young adults and teens. The nonprofit estimates there are at least 200 people who live on the streets in the downtown area. A portion of this group sleeps in alleys and doorways, and under heat exhaust vents.Each morning the Partnership's security team rouses the regulars before the majority of business owners, employees and customers show up. The rest of day they help keep order on downtown streets and inside businesses, like coffee shops, where some of homeless are not welcome because they loiter, steal and harass the general public.On Friday morning, Feb. 5, Alaska Dispatch News spent about three hours with the interim director of security for the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Michael Knecht, to get a firsthand glimpse into how he helps manage Anchorage’s ongoing challenges with the downtown homeless.More: Can private security teams make downtown Anchorage safer? 
Opening round of the state high school hockey tournament at the Menard Center in Wasilla on Thursday.
Alaska Aces' 5-1 victory over the Allen Americans at Sullivan Arena on Wednesday, Feb. 10.
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The Yukon Quest is a 1,000-mile sled dog race starting this year in Fairbanks, Alaska and finishing in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. 
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One more try to reconstruct Spenard Road

After nearly two decades of debate and planning, the Spenard Road reconstruction project -- from 30th Avenue to Hillcrest Drive -- is positioned to receive $13.8 million if a city bond proposal passes during the April 5 Anchorage municipal election.The municipality's promotional machine is in overdrive. From 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at West High School, project planners and engineers will host an open house to get their message out. They are still taking public comment on the project and entertaining ideas for improvements.The team will attend various community forums over the next several weeks, including with area community councils and at the Spenard Chamber of Commerce. Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has made construction projects a priority as the city copes with declining state revenue from oil.“One of the ways that Anchorage is going to get through the state’s fiscal situation is we’re going to build our way through it,” Berkowitz said last week at the Anchorage Transportation Fair. “We’re going to show people that because we’re willing to invest in ourselves, they should invest in us. And I have a great deal of confidence in the people of Anchorage and the prospects for this city.”
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“In these clubs the kids talk about what they want their neighborhoods to look like,” said organizer Christina Demetro. “And that’s really meaningful for us to see because small shifts become big shifts if they take even one little action towards a positive change.”
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Anchorage chefs toss aside rivalries for South Restaurant's 'back room' series

It’s not every day that the executive chef of South Restaurant + Coffeehouse finds himself under the instruction of another chef in his own kitchen.But roughly once a month, that’s exactly what’s happening to Shane Moore in the “back room” of the South Anchorage restaurant.Read more: Anchorage chefs toss aside rivalries for South Restaurant's 'back room' series
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Alaska Ski for Women

Morning sunshine brightened the trails as 500 skiers participated in the 20th annual Alaska Ski For Women at Kincaid Park on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016.  Donations from the women-only cross-country skiing event has contributed over $1 million to groups that actively work to improve women's lives and help stop the cycle of domestic abuse against women and children.
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Morning sunshine brightened the trails as 500 skiers participated in the 20th annual Alaska Ski For Women at Kincaid Park on Super Bowl Sunday.
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Mushers topped Eagle Summit in the second day of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race, a 1,000-mile race from Fairbanks to Whitehorse, Yukon, on a trail that retraces historic mail and supply routes along the Yukon River.