Slideshow: Scientists want new name for mammal-eating orcas

In this undated photo believed to be taken in 1985, marine mammal biologist Michael Bigg is shown in his office at the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Killer whale researchers are referring to transient killer whales as “Bigg’s killer whales” in honor of Bigg, whom many consider to be the founding father of modern scientific studies regarding orcas.
HERMAN SULBERG / Department of Fisheries and Oceans via AP
Two mammal-eating transient killer whales surface off the south side of Unimak Island in the eastern Aleutian Islands. Killer whale experts are working on research that could conclude that mammal-eating whales in the North Pacific should be a separate species.
ROBERT PITMAN / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration via AP
Craig Medred