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Magician Don Russell makes a funny face during his performance Saturday at the Samson Dimond branch of the municipal library in the Dimond Center mall.
Evan R. Steinhauser
Preparing to ascend Mt. McKinley at the Clearwater Creek camp are Robert Tatum, Esaias George, Harry Karstens, John Fredson and Walter Harper. George, a boy from the Episcopal mission in Nenana, drove one dog team back to Nenana by himself after helping supply the expedition. Fredson, a teenager, kept the camp at 11,000 feet ready for the climbers' return and was highly praised by Karstens; he later became an important Native leader. Harper, whose mother was Native, was the first man to actually reach the summit. The photo was likely taken in April, 1913, and the photographer was probably Hudson Stuck.
Courtesy of Denali National Park and Preserve Archive
Craig Medred