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Slideshow: State of Intoxication: Daily Breathalyzer to be used statewide

Larry Berg submits breath samples to an alcohol monitor in his home twice a day as he awaits a court hearing on his fourth DUI charge. Alaska Pretrial Services monitors his compliance with a court order to not drink.
Larry Berg awaits a court hearing on his fourth DUI charge. “I’ve just convinced myself I’m totally done with alcohol if I’m going to have any kind of a future,” he said.
A map on a computer screen at Alaska Pretrial Services shows the locations of about 57 people in Anchorage who are tracked by ankle monitor, many for alcohol-related crimes.
Larry Berg says it kills hours a day walking to bus stops since his driver’s license was revoked. He says he’s fortunate he was never in an accident the many times he drove drunk. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I hurt somebody’s kid,” he says.
Craig Medred