Slideshow: Conservationists seek federal protection for tufted puffins

Bob Hallinen/Anchorage Daily News A tufted puffin runs across the water with wings flapping to take off near Chiniak Island near Kodiak Island. 040826
Bob Hallinen
A tufted puffin comes in for a landing with a beak full of sand lance on Chiniak Island off of Kodiak Island.
Bob Hallinen
Puffins sit above murrs on the cliff on St. Paul Island.
Al Grillo
In this August 2013 photo provided by Island Conservation, a Tufted Puffin flies over Hawadax Island, Alaska. Five years after an effort to eradicate rats from the remote Alaskan island, conservationists and federal wildlife officials are reporting success. They say the island, once known as Rat Island because of its infestation of rats, is now teeming with birds, whose songs and noises replace the silence that had been reported their earlier. They also say for the first time breeding tufted puffins have been documented on the island, which is not inhabited by people and is in the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. (AP Photo/Island Conservation)
Island Conservation
A tufted puffin just before it is released by UAF researchers on Chiniak Island just off of Kodiak Island. 040826
Bob Hallinen
Craig Medred