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Letter: America’s fix-it list has plenty for president and people to do

President Obama,

Could you please create jobs, institute a capital gains tax, strengthen Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Protection Act, reenact Glass-Steagall, tax people who make over $250,000 what you tax me, fix our infrastructure, start deflating the bloated Pentagon budget, raise MPG on federal vehicles, change “entitlement” language to “safety net” and everyone contributes, support green technologies and the Affordable Care Act, admit to global climate change, support science and technology, not start a war in Iran, stop the drone program, raise the minimum wage, fix immigration and Native American concerns, and do it all with a wellspring of compassion and diplomacy?

Citizens of the United States,

Could you please support teachers, firefighters, police, Native Americans, all military and civil service branches, immigrants and their families, state and federal employees, union members, students, youths, the elderly and all our LGBT brothers and sisters? Would you also try conserving energy and recycling while purchasing American-made, locally produced, organic, locally sourced, minimally processed, union-made goods and services?

Please have patience while we all fix what ails us.

— Brian MacMillan