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Letter: BP once again proving business is government’s puppet master

“All citizens are equal — but some are more equal than others.” — George Orwell.

“BP will plead  guilty to misconduct and  felony criminal manslaughter…” (ADN, Nov. 16)

 Since “Citizens United,” corporations have been given “person” status — i.e., citizen status with nearly all rights.

Almost without exception, any other “citizen” would be facing jail time. Company officials are being indicted — but not the corporation BP. How do you indict a corporation? You indict the shareholders — the same way individual German citizens were indicted at Nuremburg for their “company’s” actions. Then watch the shareholders become relentless watchdogs of the corporations they buy into.

The BP chairman vows to “ vigorously defend” the company against claims (i.e., a million lawyers on the case and overwhelm all comers — including any government; and get it to the Supreme Court ASAP, or like Exxon  in 20 years,  whichever is best for the company. Transition to fascism is complete. Working definition of fascism: Business controls the government.

— Fil Pierce