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Letter: Fight to keep politicians from denying kids a decent education

Educators from around the state were in Juneau the last few days trying to protect our public schools from underfunded educational budgets and siphoning off money from public schools to pass on to charter and religious schools. The educators presented studies at joint a hearing of senators and representatives showing the needs of our students and the harm being done because some legislators won’t vote sufficient funding for our schools.

According to Representative Les Gara, educational funding has remained at the same level for the last three years, despite inflation rising. The Juneau school district is struggling and having to lay off staff. I see news stories where Anchorage has to do the same. 

A resolution is being considered by the legislature, SJR9, to change our state’s constitution to allow money to go to charter and religious schools.

The Legislature is trying to give billions of dollars in reduced taxes to oil companies while at the same time short-changing our children’s education. I hope that everyone with children or grandchildren contact their legislators and demand, don’t ask, demand, full funding of education for our children and to leave our constitution alone.

— Gary Miller