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Letter: Jenkins wrong for three reasons

More often than not, Paul Jenkins’ columns are exasperating. The one on April 28 was even more so, for at least three reasons:

1. He has fallen prey to the conspiracy theorists who believe that any gun control measures will lead to a gun registry and, eventually, the confiscation of everyone’s weapons. Such fantasies will always preclude any real discussion of reasonable gun regulations.

2. The mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were not “exploited” by President Obama. They were, instead, the last straw that convinced the majority of the American people that gun control is an absolute necessity.

3. I am tired of his use of the term “the Left.” Call me a liberal. Call me a Democrat. Either is fine with me. It’s time for Mr. Jenkins to realize that the opposite of “the Left” is not “the Right”— it’s simply “the Wrong.”

 — Gary C. Stein

Eagle River