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Council votes to revoke licenses for former police officers, troopers

Kyle Hopkins

Thirteen former police officers, state troopers and Department of Corrections employees lost the ability to work in law enforcement in Alaska Tuesday.

The Alaska Police Standards Council voted to revoke certificates for 11 people, including former Anchorage Police Officer Rafael Mora-Lopez, a Mexican who was living illegally in the U.S. before his arrest in 2011.

Another two people, former Dillingham Police Department employee Travis Schiaffo and former state probation officer James Stanton surrendered their licenses rather than fight to keep the certificate. Stanton pleaded guilty in 2012 to harassment and bribery charges.

The 13-member council meets twice a year. It reviews misconduct investigations and complaints against law enforcement workers and can vote to pull an officer's license to wear a badge in Alaska. The group met Tuesday in Kenai.

Among those who had their license revoked was former Alaska State Trooper Eric Burroughs, who pleaded guilty to drunken driving in 2011, court records show.

The Council also voted to revoke the following certificates, according to council director Kelly Alzaharna. The employees' former agency is in parenthesis. None are still on the job with those departments, Alzaharna said.

• Matthew Williams (Anchorage Police Department)

• Patrick Sherman (Department of Corrections)

• Samuel Carter (Department of Corrections)

• Michelle Edlin (Department of Corrections)

• Jason Carpenter (Alaska State Troopers)

• John Gresham (Alaska State Troopers)

• William Dooley (Alaska State Troopers)

• Harold Miller (Alaska State Troopers)

• Joshua Lambert (Fairbanks Police Department)

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