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Letter: So why doesn’t FTO gene make people in Europe fat?

After having spent the last two weeks riding my mountain bike from Switzerland down through Italy and France, I came home to the big breakthrough news that researchers have unraveled how the FTO gene is linked to obesity and causes people to prefer higher calorie foods. Wow, what a relief; now all the drug companies have to do is make a pill that people can take while sitting on their butts watching TV and all will be good.

Evidently the FTO gene does not exist in Europe, because the majority of the folks I saw in both big and small cities were not overweight. Come to think of it, a lot of them were walking and on bikes as well. … I am sure there is no correlation. In addition to eating more of the wrong foods, further examination of the FTO gene will most likely expose a propensity toward larger screen TVs and increased time on Facebook and Twitter as opposed to regular aerobic exercise. What a shame and a scam!

— Preston Rudderow