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Meet the Sled Dogs: McLeod

Casey Grove

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Weight: 60 pounds

Position: Leader

Musher: Cindy Abbott, Irvine, Calif.

McLeod is Cinday Abbott’s biggest dog and her secret weapon, she said.

 “I’ll run him in team, until the going gets tough,” Abbott said. That’s when Abbott said she will put McLeod in lead. She expects that to happen when she reaches the coast.

“This guy, his goal is to lope to Nome. So it’s my job to hold this guy back,” Abbott said. “Because he will literally try to run all the way. I’ve got to keep him powered down.”

Out of a harness, McLeod is a calm and loving dog, Abbott said. “Until you hook him up.”

— Casey Grove

NOTE: Abbott scratched from the race at Rohn on Tuesday, March 4.


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