Letter: Begich supporter just says no to Koch brothers’ business practices

Unlike the torrent of campaign ads bombarding us, I’ll be upfront and honest. I support our current independent-minded, common-sense- driven Alaska senator, Mark Begich. His clear record of putting Alaska and Alaskans first over party politics speaks for itself. But that isn’t why I am writing.

I am writing because there may be something more important in this election than the election. Both our intelligence and Alaskan independence are about to be assaulted like never before. An assault unleashed by a misguided interpretation of “corporate personhood,” funded in part by the Koch brothers’ type of “slash and burn” business practices that have played out in places like North Pole, where they grabbed their bag of cash and ran, leaving 80 unemployed and poisoned drinking water behind. They now covet our senatorial vote and are back to poison our statewide political atmosphere as well.

A vote for Sen. Begich is not just a vote for Sen. Begich. It is a vote for Alaskan independence and against the corrupting, corrosive politics the Koch brothers represent.

— Dan Duame