No work for immigrants

From ADN: The state is gutting Alaska's university system resulting in "brain drain." The Department of Homeland Security "misvetted" immigrants allowing those people who were to be sent back to their home country to enter the U.S. Immigrants are going to help bolster Anchorage's economy. I hope these immigrants are not "misvetted" and bring money with them as Alaska has the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. at 6.8 percent. Something just doesn't jibe here.

— Thom Eley

Trust Bill Nye the Science Guy over Trump on climate

I see Robert Harris (ADN, Sept. 7) has written a second letter denying man-made climate change, pointing out he went to college and read some books. He doesn't claim to be a scientist, so I am guessing he is not one.

I am definitely not a scientist. That is why I seek out their opinions to explain scientific issues.

An online search reveals overwhelming belief in global warming among scientists, and a consensus that there is a 95 percent chance it is partly caused by humans.

Harris's statement that he "will believe the experts when they make sense" implies he considers himself to be more of an expert than them.

So here is my choice: I can choose to believe Harris, Donald Trump and Paul Jenkins, or I can trust Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Boy, that's a tough decision (not).

I'm so old I could probably ignore the issue, but I love my grandchildren.

As for the government conspiracy theory, I don't think the scientists I mentioned work for the government. The National Academy of Science is a private, nonprofit organization.

— Steve Waldron

Players showed respect

I am writing to thank the high school football players in Anchorage and elsewhere who "took a knee" during the national anthem recently. It is wonderful they "went out on a limb" and showed such great respect for the flag and anthem. I am a Catholic and we recognize different levels of posture as signs of respect. There are three — sitting, standing, and kneeling. They are ordered by the level of respect: sitting being the lowest sign of respect; standing being the next higher sign; and kneeling being the highest sign of respect. So, I thank them for their courage for showing the highest level of respect for flag and country by kneeling during the anthem.

Tim Tebow would be proud of them for kneeling prior to taking to the field. Perhaps next week all the players could kneel before their games out of respect for the freedom this country allows them to demonstrate such love of the American way of life.

— William Finnegan

Don't 'take a knee;' get to work for social change

I have noticed many football players have decided to "take a knee" instead of showing respect for their country, veterans and citizens. Apparently they are protesting/bringing attention to social injustice. Well, social injustice has been around forever. So, if you really want to change things, get off your "knee" and get to work making a change for the better.

— Cathy Guay

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