Media: Stop giving Trump free space to spew lies

I blame the media for the insanity called Trump. If the media made (the so-called billionaire) pay for every appearance on TV, radio and in the newspapers, spreading his lies about everyone and everything, he could not afford to spread his bile among us. Do not give him space unless he pays for it.

— Rita Hatch

Trump will make the world safe for Americans

Donald Trump has no need for money — being a billionaire and not political he can't be bought off. He wants to create a strongarmed service and make America great again, as in the Reagan years.

I watched on cable TV as Don King, like he was promoting a Muhammad Ali fight, promote Trump, saying all black people and women should too. That made me smile.

Trump will bring jobs back to America, and with Trump as president it will be safe to travel around the world again.

— Clifford Farmer

As crime spikes, APD dangerously more opaque

On Friday, an article ran in the Alaska Dispatch News with the following headline: "Is there a property crime wave near Anchorage's Valley of the Moon Park? Not according to police." Within the article, the Anchorage Police Department refuted claims by area residents who have observed a spike in crime.

Yet a quick glance at the data in the article — also provided by APD — painted a different picture. While the bar chart revealed comparable instances of property theft in 2014, 2015 and 2016, 12 months of data were included for 2014 and 2015, while we are only 8.5 months through 2016. With 3.5 months left in 2016, if this year's trend continues, the area will see a 38 percent increase in property theft this year over last year.

As Anchorage has been dealing with an increase of highly visible crime in the past few months, APD has greatly reduced public transparency. This combination makes it even more critical department statements are clear, accurate and not misleading. APD should release additional data that actually backs up its claims, or if it is unable to do so, it should correct its statements and let area residents know what they are experiencing is valid. With transparency, trust and a shared understanding of our challenges, the better equipped we are to address the challenges Anchorage faces today.

— Andy Moderow

ADN is embarrassing itself

Someone should cover up Alaska Dispatch News, its bias is showing.

— Steve Epperheimer

Can’t sacrifice PFD if Juneau road gets $1 more

I was shocked to read Gov. Bill Walker is still considering constructing the Juneau Road.

To review, the half-billion-dollar road would be carved into the side of the continent's deepest, steepest fjord. The 50 miles of fresh pavement would cross dozens of avalanche chutes before ending at a new ferry terminal. In other words, you still won't be able to drive to Juneau.

What's worse, the road is expected to cost the state nearly $200 million more over the life of the project when compared to just sticking with the current ferry system.

The whole idea was to save the state money; the Department of Transportation's own data clearly shows the road is not the answer. Of the three communities directly impacted by this project, Haines and Skagway don't want it, and Juneau is split at best.

This should be easiest cut for Walker to make. Certainly his transition team — a remarkable amalgamation of Alaskans from across the spectrum — thought the project should be axed. Why is the Juneau road extension even up for debate right now? If the governor is going to cut my PFD, he better also cut this boondoggle.

— John Hudson

Ugly UAA garage not example of usual good taste

Welcome … to the ugliest structure ever unveiled in the history of Anchorage: The new "UAA Engineering Garage," as seen along UAA Drive is a bare concrete building with astonishingly discolored/splotchy surfacing. UAA has added such beautiful additions — retaining the important aspect of being utilitarian — over the years, involving buildings, overpasses, etc. But this time it seems it simply flew by. Where, oh where, is the 1 Percent for Art requirement that apparently skipped this project?

— Steve Williams

Casting a principled vote is never wrong

As the 2016 presidential election has steadily deteriorated, I've found myself wondering what the founders would think of 2016. Well for starters, I imagine George Washington would have an, "I told you so" moment about political parties, and Alexander Hamilton and James Madison would have a thing or two to say about demagogues and factions.

But who would they vote for: Trump or Clinton? I'm inclined to think they wouldn't vote for either and would be looking at third-party options. On one hand, the founders knew the dangers of paying excessive service to the passions of the people and how a demagogue could rise, so they would be leery of Trump, who has built his entire campaign around stirring up passions and emotions. On the other hand, I can't imagine someone like Washington who is known to have said, "It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one" would support Clinton and her ever-shifting story about mishandling national secrets.

That only leaves third party and I would love to hear someone tell them they are wasting their vote for casting a principled vote.

— Jared Goecker

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