A note from Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center: If your pet is walking around with a check list and watching you closely this month, that’s because she’s making sure you are a Responsible Pet Owner – and who can blame her? So ... want to know what might be on that check list?  
Here's a letter dog lovers might enjoy. It's from a guy staying at Brother Francis Shelter with his service dog, Luie.
Scientists once thought that some visionary hunter-gatherer nabbed a wolf puppy from its den and started raising tamer wolves. The prevailing scientific opinion now, however, is that this origin story does not pass muster. James Gorman | The New York Times
Physician-assisted suicide, one of the most divisive issues in the nation’s culture wars, has come out of the shadows in Alaska. Will honest, wrenching talk yield a humane legislative decision?Jill Burke
Our toddler believes “Bubble Fish,” a $5 pet store Betta, went on a long journey to find its mother. I'm just glad it's gone. So why does the house feel lonely without it?Jill Burke

From Fairbanks to Skagway, stories of pet moose were making the news around the turn of the 20th century.

Alaska Dispatch News

A pack of huskies gets a treat after a long training run in this video from musher Sebastian Schnuelle.

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Jacques had a pretty darn good life -- made it all the way to 113 in dog years. That's 16, by human standards.Katie Bausler
Meet Kona, a 10-year-old Karelian Bear Dog who is in search of a loving furever  home.
For centuries, human fortunes have been tied to those of our proverbial best friend, and vice versa. Yet little is known with certainty about the biological origins of the species closest to our hearts.Yanan Wang | The Washington Post
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