With the Sockeye fire raging in musher country, reports are coming in of dogs and other animals dying.

Here's an update on Dylan, the young Lab from Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center who entered the PAWSitive Connections program at McLauglin Youth Center.


Alaska makes it much of the year without dog owners having to stress over cars being too hot to leave dogs for very long, but with the temps pushing 70 this weekend it's time to take extra caution.
The eighth official bulldog mascot for the JBER F-22 squadron retired Friday. Known for his commanding presence, despite snoring through meetings and the occasional belch, Fado is headed to retirement at a farm in Tennessee, and a puppy prepares to take his place.  Sean Doogan
Meet Gretchen, a big, lovable lap dog. 

Former dog handler Mollie adopted Spur, a retired Iditarod dog from Salty Dog Kennel in Denali. 

Alaska Dispatch News
Meet Buster, an amiable boy looking for a new family. Buster has gotten along with everyone he’s met, including the other dogs he lived with and met at the dog park and the neighborhood kids.
Meet Max, the “super amazing dog” – according to his previous owners.
Anchorage Animal Care and Control, StubbyDog, and Alaska Dog Sports are partnering to help pit bulls adopted from AACCC become ambassadors of the breed.
Six abandoned kittens named after the kids in "The Brady Bunch" are getting a nurturing boost from an unlikely source -- a male cat with a slight neurological disorder.Leila Kheiry
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