Please meet Bolt, a 2 year old, neutered male, lab mix. Docile, friendly and easy-going, the happy fellow has a gentle, sweet personality, and wants to please. He's alert and attentive, handles well on leash, sits nicely for treats and takes them gently. Active, curious and playful, has lived with children and did great.
Here is Jasper, an adult, neutered male, boxer mix. Happy, bouncy, outgoing and playful, this friendly fellow is very good-natured, really enjoys interacting and being with people, and full of high spirits. Likes balls and squeaky toys, and loves his outings, walks and exercise.
After Otis Orth, 52, crashed his snowmachine Sunday near Jake Lake, his dog Amber, an 18-month-old golden retriever, kept him warm overnight before alerting two passing snowmachiners, Alaska State Troopers said in a Monday dispatch.Devin Kelly
Please meet Ace, an 8 month old, male, German Shepherd mix. Attentive, intelligent and inquisitive, this handsome young fellow is active, a fast learner, wants to please, and enjoys interacting and being with with people. He has shown food guarding behavior, so should go to home with older kids.
On Tuesday, February 25, which is World Spay Day, Friends of Pets will be offering 30 FREE spay/neuter coupons to community members who already own pets that have not been spayed or neutered. The coupons will be available at AACCC.
Please meet Zoey. Zoey is a well-mannered 6 years old. She's good-natured, very responsive, and really wants to please. Zoey handles great on leash, is kennel-trained and rides well in the car. She has been to the dog park and doggy day care. She likes to play "fetch” and really enjoys interacting and being with people.
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