Every Friday Alaska's congressional delegation touts how much federal grant and loan funding it has helped bring home. And every Friday, Alaska Dispatch does its part to contribute to the long history of journalistic stenography. In effect, we take out the funky code, and some of the breathless descriptions, and pretty much lay out the goodies received for the week.

As always, save for a few ingrates, most of the citizens of Alaska are no doubt grateful for the federal largess, thanks to U.S. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich, along with Uncle Don. And this week we.re all particularly grateful. Like Holy Hamhocks grateful. The spoils? More than $1.8 billion. Yes, that's billion with a big B:

Here's how the spoils breakdown:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Andrew Parkerson-Gray University of Alaska:

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Rural Development

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Transportation Command: Office of Legislative Affairs