49th Estate

Fairbanks engineer Bruno Grunau’s home requires 87 percent less energy to heat than the average home of the same size in Fairbanks. But getting there wasn't easy.

Laurel Andrews
The clubhouse that sits 75 feet in the air has been deemed Alaska’s “tallest, farthest north space needle” by its owner, and its history is defined both by wild inventiveness and tragedy.Laurel Andrews

Alaska Dispatch News covered an array of subjects in video this year, from serious topics to lighthearted fare, delivering the news to readers beyond the printed page.

Alaska Dispatch News

The city of Whittier is in the early stages of figuring out how decrepit the crumbling Buckner Building might be, with the hopes of maybe -- and that's a big maybe -- bringing the once-great structure back from the dead.

Tara Young,Megan Edge

Tucked into the mountains high above Anchorage, a pristine rugby field sits -- a nearly decade-long labor of love for one Anchorage rugby enthusiast who hopes to increase the ranks of those playing the sport in the Last Frontier.

Tara Young,Alex DeMarban

For 50 years, Buckey Winkley has been the hunting-guide-in-residence at Rainy Pass Lodge, the state's oldest hunting lodge. In that time, he's amassed a collection of hundreds of antique firearms and photos from successful hunts -- enough to fill a museum of his own design.

Tara Young

The home that mushers Susan Butcher and David Monson shared in Fairbanks was built with the layout of a cabin in mind. The kitchen, living room, and dining room all form one large space, where all of the activity happens.

Tara Young
After their home burned down in 2009, a family on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula has spent their first successful winter in their Earthship -- a house built from recycled or sustainable materials.Ben Anderson

Kelly Hagelund and Willow King take us on a tour of their Earthship located in the Southcentral Alaska town of Kasilof.

Loren Holmes
Palmer resident Mike Chmielewski and his wife live in a home in Palmer's Historic District that has a construction date that precedes the second World War.Stephen Nowers,Ben Anderson