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Lead poisoning nearly took out the population of eagles in the Lower 48, and was a huge contributing factor of waterfowl mortality before it was outlawed for waterfowl hunting in 1991 John Schandelmeier
Not only does exercising outdoors burn more calories and build more muscle than indoor workouts, it’s got a much prettier view -- especially in Alaska. Alli Harvey
OPINION: Alaska's first lady Sandy Parnell stands by her husband's actions in addressing Alaska National Guard scandal.Sandy Parnell
OPINION:  Alaska should have put all of its oil royalty and bonus money into the Permanent Fund to convert a non-renewable resource into a renewable one.Clem Tillion
OPINION: If state and federal officials want to help the abused members of Alaska National Guard, they need to put aside their own selfish desires and control issues and confess their own parts.Rick Cavens
OPINION: The status quo serves taxis and taxi companies quite well. But it doesn’t serve riders in Chugiak-Eagle River, and it doesn’t serve Anchorage small businesses, who are denied potential customers who can’t find a reliable ride downtown.Susan Gorski
OPINION: Legalizing and commercializing marijuana would mean unacceptable risks to Alaska.Dr. Steven Compton,Dr. Mary Ann Foland,Dr. Paula Colescott
OPINION: Gov. Parnell's critics are wrong; he's been steadfast in the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault.Richard Irwin,Donna Erickson,Rachel Gernat
OPINION: I just want to follow the law, be a good citizen, and do the right thing for my family. And the right thing would be a whole lot easier if cannabis were legal and regulated in Alaska.Tyler Emmott
OPINION: Six steps to rebuild the Alaska National Guard include requiring both the governor and lawmakers to wake up.Laurie Hummel