I’ve discovered that naming batches of beer serves a similar purpose as keeping journals. And it’s more fun than asking Anne, while I’m on my way to retrieve a bottle of beer from the nearby babbling brook, “You want the old stuff or the new?”Steve Kahn
OPINION: The Alaska GOP majority is dealin', ladies and gentlemen, so keep your hands on your wallets.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Getting rid of one local district attorney for enforcing a statewide policy is wrong. The Alaska Department of Law's bad policy shift in the wake of the shocking case of Jerry Active must be corrected.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: Just like Senate candidate Joe Miller in 2010, Dan Coffey's denials and dodges create more questions than they settle, and that means his mayoral candidacy is kaput.Paul Jenkins
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OPINION: Vladimir Putin and some of his Russian colleagues still nurse an old grudge over the loss of Alaska. Alan Boraas
OPINION: Gov. Walker may have a better gas line plan but so far he hasn't made the case. Rep. Mike Chenault,Rep. Mike Hawker
OPINION: It's time to reconsider the structure of K-12 education. Our education system isn't suited to deal with today's students, the environment they learn in, or the world they're expected to make their way in.John Havelock
OPINION: Huslia did George Attla proud during Iditarod -- and keeps his legacy alive with young mushers. Keeping the Frank Attla Youth and Sled Dog Care-Mushing Program going would be a fitting memorial to George, and a great benefit to the next generations.Gilbert Huntington
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