I am home and I do not return as a high school English teacher. I do not return married, but divorced. I do not return well traveled, ready to teach others about life and the world. I have relaxed and realize I am simply part of this community, ready to learn from my 92-year-old grandpa.Laureli Ivanoff
As part of a nationwide initiative that emphasizes lifelong health, federally managed outdoor agencies recently joined President Obama to launch the Every Kid in a Park Pass program, available through Aug. 31, 2016.Erin Kirkland
OPINION: Yes, those who are unprepared to raised a child shouldn't have a child, but when they do, they should be able to count on some support.Chantelle Pence
OPINION: Walker's reserves tax won't turn on the gas, but will turn off the producers.Frank McQueary
OPINION: History shows us there's a thin line between rational, behavior and savagery - and it's not just history.Steve Haycox
Safe winter travel along Alaska's highways and backcountry trails is mostly a mindset. You need to take precautions based on individual ability and comfort. John Schandelmeier
OPINION: Let's use the efficient tools our digital world provides to increase civic involvement -- let Alaskans register to vote when they apply for their Permanent Fund dividends.Penny Gage,Erin Harrington,Katherine Jernstrom
OPINION: Better to give up that death grip on our dividends than suffer chronic fiscal woes and pay taxes to boot.Tim Hale
OPINION: Mat-Su move to November election schedule could have some unintended consequences.Jim Sykes
OPINION: Tumbling off a snowmachine is one of those experiences that stays with you as you take stock of 43 years in Alaska.Elise Patkotak