OPINION: May is National Foster Care Month. Let's work toward the day there are no orphans in the north.Ivy Spohnholz
OPINION: If United States doesn't lead in the Arctic, other nations will claim our share of the future there.Sen. Lisa Murkowski
OPINION: In its pursuit of Medicaid expansion, the legislative minority caucus has not adequately answered several important questions about unintended consequences.Chad Hutchison
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OPINION: If you try to imagine a world without fossil fuels, you probably won’t get beyond cars and snowmachines before you start to realize the gravity of the situation. But it goes much farther than that.Carey Restino
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OPINION: It's fitting that summer begins on Memorial Day, when we remember those who paid with their lives to keep our summer of freedom.  Laddie Shaw
During World War II, Dad saved two lives when the destroyer he was serving on hit a mine and sank in the English Channel. He earned a Bronze Star for bravery in action, but his bad luck with ships never really waned. Pete Garay
OPINION: Nationally and in Alaska, we've been richly blessed this past week with political dysfunction.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: First lady Donna Walker says Alaska, with its wretched record on child sexual abuse, should have been among the first states to pass Erin's Law, and there's no reason to delay now.Donna Walker