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LETTERS: Readers weigh in on the Keystone pipeline, prayer before school sporting events, and proposed Anchorage restrictions on marijuana commerce.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Even though two years is an eternity in politics, political junkies are already looking ahead to the race for Senate in 2016.Paul Jenkins
Using $3,200 of his own money, microbiologist Johan Hultin, then 72, traveled to Brevig Mission to collect buried samples from Alaska Natives who died during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic that killed an estimated 20-40 million people. Ned Rozell
LETTERS: Readers cover the waterfront, from a reprieve for the turkey to old cars - and the Civil War is still in the mix.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: The Anchorage School District's newly discovered $22 million surplus is the result of skewed priorities.Suzanne Little
OPINION: Despite environmentalists' attacks, history and common sense show that in the Tongass, we can have our forest and timber too.Shelly Wright
OPINION: Commentators have labeled Bruce Springsteen’s Veterans Day performance at the Concert for Valor held on the National Mall anti-military and anti-American. They are totally wrong.Alan Boraas
OPINION: Sudden surplus in Anchorage school budget is no cause for celebration; it's a travesty.Jim Babb
LETTERS: Kevin Clarkson, Lisa Murkowski and the Civil War continue to draw comments.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: After struggling to score goals in a stretch of five straight losses, the Seawolves now face the nation's stingiest goaltender.Doyle Woody