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OPINION: Everyone benefits from advances in science, technology, engineering and math. Alaska should pay attention to growing workforce need and increase its education investment in these fields.Mike Fenster
OPINION: Alaska has missed an opportunity to apply for $10 million under the federal Preschool Development Grants program. Unfortunately, that's not its only failure to reclaim federal tax dollars for increasing early childhood opportunities.Mark Lackey
OPINION: Economic and geographic reality means Alaska makes too many of its decisions in fear.Steve Haycox
OPINION: Gov. Parnell's claims in a Wednesday video message mean he should have fired Maj. Gen. Tom Katkus in February rather than praise his leadership then and for months after.Dermot Cole

OPINION: It's time for Alaska voters to ask for more than the boiled-down sludge that passes for political campaigning these days.

Pat Race,Alaska Robotics
OPINION: Cost-cutting measures are one thing, but cutting public safety personnel is an irresponsible form of austerity.Alex Boyd
One habit I kept from my time in New York is walking. Walking is necessary for daily life there. For different reasons, I walk all over Anchorage, sometimes absurd distances. Alli Harvey
LETTERS: Readers comment on hot topics in the news, today discussing Anchorage's controversial labor law, Obamacare and the Alaska election pamphlet.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai may live far from Pakistan now but her courage still rings true in the voices of girls and boys going to school together in her hometown.Shehla Anjum
OPINION: The murder of Marvell Johnson is a double loss and a double tragedy. We’ll never know what further good he would have done for kids in Alaska, and we'll never know what the future may hold for the 16-year-old charged with his killing.Elise Patkotak