OPINION: What kind of city we want should be the focus of the mayoral race runoff, even though our two candidates come from the opposite ends of the political spectrum.Mike Dingman
Even hardcore hunters are more appreciative of the hunt than the actual take. In its natural form, the outdoors is an irresistible attraction. This attraction is what draws me, and others, to the zoo.  We can’t get out to experience the wild first hand so we take this questionable second choice. John Schandelmeier
OPINION: I wish a lawmaker with great courage would stand up and speak difficult truths on the floor of the Alaska House of Representatives. We cannot just cut our way to a balanced budget. We must address the revenue side.Tara Jollie
LETTERS: As the final week of the regular legislative session comes to a close, Alaska Dispatch News readers weigh in. Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: If moderate voters in Anchorage would take the time to vote, maybe we'd have a mayoral race about running the city for the common good.Dan Bonney
OPINION: Serious questions of Walker nominee Robert Ruffner are in order given the long dominance of Kenai commercial interests and institutions in Upper Cook Inlet salmon management, often at the expense of sport and personal-use anglers in the rest of the Southcentral region.Kevin Delaney
OPINION: Alaska should come out of this legislative session with an economy that is moving forward, not one that takes us toward the risk of recession. Expanding Medicaid and continuing to support educational opportunities for Alaska's workforce and its next generation are clear ways forward.Rep. Les Gara
OPINION: Giving it your all is its own sweet reward, especially when it involves people strong enough to test us.Joshua Roetman
LETTERS: As lawmakers in Juneau begin the final week of the regular session, Alaska Dispatch News readers sound off on what matters to them.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Instead of supporting rich Outside corporations and millionaire state executives, let’s scrap this budget. We can be fiscally responsible and make cuts without leaving our neighbors, children, elders and working families out in the cold.Sen. Bill Wielechowski