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OPINION: Dolly Farnsworth somehow found the time to be a homesteader, raise four children and be a civic leader in Soldotna. John Havelock
OPINION: Assembly members who vote yes on the proposed Anchorage ban of marijuana establishments are effectively endorsing criminal enterprise.Tim Hale
OPINION: The proposal to ban marijuana facilities in Anchorage before the state's rulemaking process has begun defies reason.Bruce Schulte
OPINION: Alaska must send oil contractors a message about the standards we expect. And quickly, before Alaskans forget the negligent behavior of Shell contractor Noble Drilling.Carey Restino
Eager to please, I tried mother’s fruitcake every year and just about every year there would be a neglected slice on the fruitcake plate with one bite taken out. As the youngest, the baby, I will admit that the thing I wanted most was to put a smile on Mom’s face and continue to be her favorite.Laureli Ivanoff
LETTERS: Alaska Dispatch News readers discuss current events.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Ignoring racial and ethnic differences will simply ensure that society will continue suffering from the corrosive effects of racism.E.J.R. David
OPINION: EPA goes rogue in its opposition to Pebble project.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: God help me, I'm thinking of writing my own holiday newsletter even though I used to love mocking them.Shannyn Moore
At the return of the last ice age, when glaciers began covering North America around 75,000 years ago, colder temperatures pushed the boreal forest and muskeg south. Mastodons moved with the forest and ended up south of the ice sheets.  They never came backNed Rozell