OPINION: Eight years ago Alaskans were swept up in Super Tuesday activities, but the chance to caucus is still important. You should get involved. We still need hope and change.Shannyn Moore
There are better ways to build public support for a fiscal plan than for the state to pay Art Hackney to meet people he was going to meet with anyway and talk about things unrelated to a fiscal plan. Dermot Cole
OPINION: It is bothersome that those itching to toss the fund’s earnings at Alaska’s fiscal problem are trying to get it done quickly.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Labor and business leaders agree that any attempt to steer Alaska's finances on the right path must include using Permanent Fund earnings.Ron Duncan,Vince Beltrami
OPINION: Alaskans have seen this before: Under the guise of civic engagement and responsible leadership, the usual suspects are taking care of their own.Michael Carey
Nearing the 60th anniversary of the Alaska Constitution, our Legislature faces issues as important as those faced by the statehood generation. Charles Wohlforth
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OPINION: First step to close Alaska's budget gap is to put state government on a shorter leash.Curtis Thayer
OPINION: Recycling's benefits are a constant, but low energy prices and rejection of contaminated materials require care with what we throw into bins.Travis Smith,Mary Fisher
LETTERS: Readers hold forth on topics important to them and their communities.Alaska Dispatch News