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One habit I kept from my time in New York is walking. Walking is necessary for daily life there. For different reasons, I walk all over Anchorage, sometimes absurd distances. Alli Harvey
LETTERS: Readers comment on hot topics in the news, today discussing Anchorage's controversial labor law, Obamacare and the Alaska election pamphlet.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai may live far from Pakistan now but her courage still rings true in the voices of girls and boys going to school together in her hometown.Shehla Anjum
OPINION: The murder of Marvell Johnson is a double loss and a double tragedy. We’ll never know what further good he would have done for kids in Alaska, and we'll never know what the future may hold for the 16-year-old charged with his killing.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Who's an Alaskan? Senate candidate Sullivan answers the question with half a family portrait.Michael Carey
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on a variety of topics in the news, today discussing health care, marijuana, sexual abuse and suing the feds.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Not a single Alaska candidate this election is worth my vote.John Connor
OPINION: City workers are overpaid; Sullivan's labor law restores balance.Tom Fink
OPINION: An ill-conceived law fouls Anchorage labor relations. Vote no.Tony Knowles
If you've been bullied in the workplace, here's advice to help you figure out why you're attracting bullies and what you can do to show them you won't be pushed around.Lynne Curry