LETTERS: Readers sound off on hot topics facing Alaska as the legislative session starts heating up.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: The time for an income tax and using the Permanent Fund to pay for Alaska-style big government are at hand. Will anyone be left to pay the bill in the next generation?Frank McQueary
OPINION: While Uber has paused operations in Anchorage, our work is not done. The people of Anchorage deserve to know which mayoral candidates share Uber's vision for ridesharing in Alaska.Bryce Bennett
OPINION: Alaskans shouldn't judge any group by the actions of a few -- and shouldn't fear talking openly about cultural differences.Chris Cavanaugh
OPINION: Chuck Hawley's Kennecott history captures a slice of Alaska's past -- and makes a plea for an enlightened future. Steve Haycox
LETTERS: Alaska Dispatch News readers sound off on topics important to their own lives.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: ExxonMobil still owes Alaska $92 million and change for the 1989 spill; Alaska's leaders must stand up and collect.Kate McLaughlin
OPINION: Americans for Prosperity is growing because more Americans -- and Alaskans -- like its message of economic freedom.Jeremy Price
OPINION: Except for the march of technology, Hillary Clinton could have taken a page from a figure from Alaska history named Alex Miller, who was a central figure in the Egan administration yet didn't generate any public documents.John Havelock
OPINION: Alaskans should cast a hard, cold eye on well-funded Outside interference in state elections and policy decisions.Kevin McGee