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In any economy, some people can work for their neighbors -- fixing their roads, teaching their kids, selling them gas. But to bring anything in from outside, you need to have something that outsiders need.
Death is nature. Nature is far from over. In the end — I must believe it — just like a salmon, I will know how to die, and though I die, though I lose my life, nature wins. Nature endures.
Earlier this month, we took a long, 71-mile drive to Teller, the nearest community and the only village accessible by road from Nome. We went to see the Teller Cultural Festival, full of beautiful traditional music and dance. Fog made the return trip dicey. 
LETTERS: Readers sound off on candidates for governor, the Legislature, the U.S. Senate, and the House of Representatives.
OPINION: Studying the enforcement of marijuana laws in Alaska is difficult because the state does not yet have a comprehensive criminal justice data platform. But narrowing our focus can shed some light on the issue before voters on Nov. 4.
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on hot topics as the annual Alaska Federation of Natives conference hits its stride and Election Day looms.
OPINION: The initiative to legalize marijuana has too many holes; Alaskans should vote no.
OPINION: It's time to try a better approach to regulating marijuana, and we get that from Ballot Measure 2. It will have my vote on Nov. 4.
OPINION: Alaska's roll call of Republican women leaders gives the lie to Democrats' supposed "war on women." 
OPINION: The Knik Arm Bridge circus shows us why we need better information, an open process and more lawmakers of any party with guts and brains.