OPINION: Alaskans should take note. Throughout history, wild salmon runs have collided with growing human populations. That collision has always forced a choice between preserving salmon runs or exploiting another resource at the salmon's expense.Mark Titus
OPINION: It feels odd getting to know someone you've only really talked to online, but if it starts to turn downright frightening, you may need to help someone in crisis.Savannah Kramer
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OPINION: For all the talk of cliffs and doom, Alaskans forget we're still wealthy -- and we have the means to keep it that way.Alice Rogoff
OPINION: Gov. Bill Walker's way won't get Alaska's gas to market.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Demboski's campaign is a little strange given her Valley base and disdain for Anchorage.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: A U.S. war against Iran over nuclear weapons would be a terrible mistake, and the biggest proponents are people who don't know war and have forgotten the humanity of their would-be enemies.Bryan Box
OPINION: Fishing for chum salmon around Kotzebue Alaska goes much better when you have the right gear, the right crew, and more importantly, enough salmon, like we did in 2014.Gus Nelson
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OPINION: Through foresight and willingness, Alaska's fisheries managers have developed and implemented a system that is considered the envy of the world, the “Alaska Model,” this system has worked extremely well in Alaska, and should be a goal of all management councils.Rep. Don Young