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OPINION: Alaska should seek to create a treatment environment rather than a criminal environment for people addicted to drugs like heroin.Mike Dingman
Putting all smack talk aside, and there is plenty, I have to say that even as a proud Anchorage resident, I love Fairbanks.Alli Harvey
Hares seem to exist just to be a food source. Many times, they are white before snow falls, and when that happens, they become white targets in the black spruce and willow thickets. John Schandelmeier
OPINION: More Alaskans can breathe easier when the University of Alaska Anchorage campus goes tobacco-free and smoke-free on Nov. 19.Alison Kulas
Parents as cyber sleuths: Why snooping on your kids is an essential part of modern parenting, and how to strike a balance between your child's privacy and their safety.Jill Burke
LETTERS: Quick takes from readers on a variety of topics in and out of the news.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Brief takes on current events from Alaska Dispatch News readers.Alaska Dispatch News
Had Gilbert Joseph been better connected in life, he wouldn’t have been drinking hand sanitizer that night in Fairbanks. Had he been better connected in life, he would have received better treatment in “protective custody” and his death would never have been treated in such a casual manner. Dermot Cole
OPINION:  Military force is often necessary, and can stop immediate danger, but it increases the likelihood of the next conflict, unless we intentionally interrupt the cycle. Peace cannot be claimed as a spoil of war. It can only be built.Rev. Matt Schultz