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LETTERS: Readers testify to the staying power of the Civil War.Alaska Dispatch News
Businesses shouldn't tempt people to their deaths with offers of helping make them famous in ways big or small. And yet businesses do. And from the reactions to Clif Bar's actions, they will continue.Craig Medred
OPINION: Somewhere around 20 percent of eligible voters chose a Republican majority for the Senate but because the majority is slim, it will not result in accomplishments.Elise Patkotak
Although there were a number of sightings, the Anchorage black bears did not appear to become habituated to people. This may have been due, at least in part, to Government Hill residents’ innovative use of an online application, Nextdoor, to trade information.Alli Harvey
OPINION: Political attack ads are intended to affect voting. But what have they been teaching children?Rick Sinnott
OPINION: Alaskans, ever unpredictable in the ballot box, have not disappointed in 2014.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Governor-elect Walker should remember his convictions and show a healthy regard for those who didn't vote for him.Kevin Clarkson
LETTERS: Readers sound off on Uber, salmon and the National Guard.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Amid the dark-money tidal wave of lies and distortions that swept Alaska airwaves this election, one betrayal was especially painful.Sean McGuire
OPINION: Plummeting oil prices mean Gov.-elect Walker will need a sharp knife and a steady hand.  Brad Keithley