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OPINION: A solid track record and the ability to hear other views make Ethan Berkowitz the best of a fine field seeking to be mayor of Anchorage. Forrest Dunbar
OPINION: Drunk drivers are the most uniformly dangerous offenders to the broadest swath of the population, and the punishment should match that danger.Marcelle McDannel
LETTERS: Quick takes on current events from Alaska Dispatch News readers.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: The benefit provided by the Tanaina Child Development Center to UAA students is far greater and more equitable than expanded gym facilities are.Stephen Hendricks
OPINION: As visiting military leaders consider troop drawdowns at JBER, Anchorage residents should show how much we support the armed forces.Sophie Minich
OPINION: Alaska's adults should think about what young people want and think twice when they consider development that will borrow from the environment's future to pay off in the present.Barae Hirsch
In cornering me on the dock, Carl effectively cracked that measuring stick over his knee and forced me to remember that in a society where gender, power and violence are all connected, even the strongest fisherman’s vulnerability is never quite as distant as she’d like to imagine.Tele Aadsen
OPINION: Koch brothers' Alaska hireling invites us to the freedom of medical catastrophe. Let's stick with reason and expand Medicaid.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Medicaid expansion is a good idea for Alaska, but only if feds make good on their commitment and the state tightens its rules and cuts costs.Rachael Petro
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on topics in and out of the news.Alaska Dispatch News