OPINION: Despite conflicts and increased brinkmanship, the United States and Russia must keep talking and working together in the increasingly open Arctic.Anita Parlow,David Biette
OPINION: Open primaries will diminish party power and increase the power of Alaska's voters.Joe Hardenbrook
OPINION: Keep the Chuitna River's waters for Alaska salmon - and make clear that our renewable resources like salmon won't be traded for a fast buck.Rep. Paul Seaton,Rep. Bryce Edgmon,Rep. Louise Stutes
OPINION: Trappers need to keep their lines away from established trails used by recreational hikers - and trapping regs need to be tighter with tougher enforcement. Lynn Mitchell
OPINION: The cultivation of hemp won't solve Alaska's fiscal crisis, but it will open opportunities for Alaska farmers in a long-established market -- and it has nothing to do with marijuana.Sen. Johnny Ellis
Having my sister in town helped me see Alaska the way I did when I first moved here. And, I decided to use it as an opportunity to do something new.Alli Harvey
OPINION: Lawmakers talk about the grave fiscal crisis and how Alaskans better not get used to big dividend checks,  then run up bill in Seattle as if we were flush.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Letter shows that 100 years ago, Tanana chiefs wanted no part of a paternalistic system that would weaken freedom, family and tribal bonds in Alaska. Ross Coen
OPINION: Switch of Mat-Su elections to November may look efficient at first glance, but the problems far outweigh any gain.John Strasenburgh
OPINION: Commercial whaling is barbaric and unsustainable, but the whaling that sustains Alaska Natives in the Arctic is the honorable heart of a culture.Elise Patkotak