OPINION: If we do not wake up and focus on climate changes coming at Alaska, soon it will be too late to change our future. Alaskans are not just residents of this state, we are citizens of the international Arctic.Halbe Brown
OPINION: Medicaid expansion is better than shovel-ready as an economic boost for Alaska -- and a lifesaver for Alaskans.  Vince Beltrami
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OPINION: Closely held principles caused me to vote against fellow members of the House Majority Caucus and say no to a budget that does not reflect the fiscal crisis facing Alaska.Rep. Lora Reinbold
OPINION: The proposal to remove the Middle Fork of the Chuitna River for 25 years and then put it back together as a wild salmon stream is a pipe dream; it will not work. And that risk to salmon is unacceptable.Frank Rue
OPINION: AARP's driver safety course is good for all ages because everyone should want help staying safe and keeping costs low by brushing up on essential skills.Don McDermott
These days, I have a much better relationship with the park and its wildlife. I've been walking its trails for 45 years and try to bring a little maturity to the experience. I don't carry a croquet ball, or any other weapon.Scott Banks
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The Haines cast members got to know each other in ways that busy small–town life rarely affords, thanks to the intimacy even a pretend family creates.  Heather Lende
OPINION: Coffey can put his mistakes in a binder, but he can't make them go away.Shannyn Moore