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LETTERS: Readers hold forth on topics in the news and on their minds.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Alaska would break new political ground in this red-against-blue world by becoming the only state with non-partisan statewide elections, and it's not so far-fetched an idea given the state's purple voters and zeal for trailblazing.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Men who drunkenly beat their wives and children should not be allowed any position of influence, power or honor, and the new lieutenant governor has an opportunity to set the tone.Elise Patkotak
For first-time winter campers, consider someplace a little more accommodating than a tent, so you can gauge how you feel about the experience.Alli Harvey
It wasn't that long ago that headlamps costing $100 and up couldn't begin to come close to matching this cheap-o. And now they're in the bottom of a basket in the mudroom, unlikely to ever be used again. Craig Medred
The coyote population has maintained relatively normal fluctuations based on cycles of their prey, primarily snowshoe hares and voles. When these animals are scarce, coyotes will eat a variety of things. Carrion from wolf kills ranks high.John Schandelmeier
LETTERS: Readers comment on Anchorage roundabouts, self-appointed grammar police, an editorial cartoon found offensive and the targeting of a gay married couple by vandals.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Gov. Walker, give us a Fish and Game commissioner who knows that science and sustainability depend on the laws of nature, not politics.Stephen F. Stringham
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on issues including climate change and development, and the role of one local hospital in addressing emergency mental health care.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Alaska can reach through icy U.S.-Russia relations to create more cooperation on Arctic issues and benefit the whole region.Nils Andreassen