OPINION: Ending the state’s Akiachak appeal would turn the tide on Alaska's alarming public safety issues and display the governor’s genuine respect for the government-to-government relationship with Alaska’s tribes.Liz Medicine Crow,Troy A. Eid
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OPINION: We can sprawl across a Knik Arm bridge, or we can keep our climate and our economy on the rails.Cynthia Wentworth
OPINION: Conrad Adenauer's comments on knowing your history to chart your future are worth reflection in Anchorage as we celebrate 100 years.Steve Haycox
OPINION: Healthier, safer children contribute to a healthier, safer Alaska. Our children need more angels to open their hearts and homes to provide the support needed to build resiliency in their young lives.Donna Walker
A Highly Informed reader wonders if his cannabis-infused edibles could be causing his runny nose, sinus congestion and bouts of sneezing.Scott Woodham
LETTERS: Brief comments from readers about matters great and small, in Alaska and abroad. Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Kids Count survey is encouraging for Alaska, but we have no cause for complacency.  Virgene Hanna
OPINION: From a small business perspective, Medicaid expansion is the right call for Alaska.Rep. Adam Wool
OPINION: Anchorage needs a clarification of federal rules, a long-term snow dump lease and more community participation before any land swap that cedes park land to the airport.Rep. Matt Claman