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OPINION: Alaska has plenty of reason to celebrate National Public Lands Day. Please consider bringing your family and lending a hand.Steve Cleary
OPINION: Because a significant portion of Alaska’s health care bill is paid by public sector programs, making care more affordable, proactive and efficient is prudent public policy.Diane Kaplan
Outdoor recreation in Alaska often leads to remote places. Even along the state’s limited road system, the nearest garage might be a hundred miles away. Adventurers must be capable of fixing almost anything that breaks. This means packing tools and spare parts. In other words, being prepared. Or bring along an auto mechanic.Rick Sinnott
Whether a race is the heart and soul of vacation or just the cherry on top of a bottomless beach side pina colada, it can add a great element of accomplishment and, yes, fun to traveling.Alli Harvey
LETTERS: Readers sound off on topics in the news, particularly, war, predators and politics.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: We deplore the partisan effort to deprive Alaska voters of a choice between the actions of the Parnell administration and the opportunity for a new beginning that the Walker-Mallott team offers.Bruce Botelho,Stephen McAlpine
OPINION: Adrian Peterson could learn from a father who never struck his children.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: Muldoon has waited long enough for a first-rate park of its own, so spare us the sprawl and give us the space.Mike Dingman
OPINION: Whatever else we make of Charlo Greene quitting with an f-bomb in the middle of a live TV news broadcast, it's clear she was angry.Craig Medred
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on wars, wildlife, and the scourge of political phone calls.Alaska Dispatch News