OPINION: The federal compact with Alaska public school students has been ignored and the terms changed. As Alaskans we are obliged to try and reinstate an incredible federal promise for current and future Alaska public school students.Allen McCarty
OPINION: With supporters and friends on our side, it may not be all easy running downhill, but our challenges do get lighter.Ember Eck
LETTERS: Alaska Dispatch News readers make brief comments on issues facing Alaska.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Rush to judgment on Indiana for religious freedom law shows an intolerance for diversity.Jim Minnery
OPINION: Alaska will be over the fiscal cliff and way downstream if we try to sustain this unsustainable budget.Scott Goldsmith
OPINION: Adjusting to a new lifestyle with good food and exercise is hard work, but it is possible.Chloe Naylor
LETTERS: Readers write on issues facing the state and nation.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: We need a reauthorization of the Magunson-Stevens that moves us forward, providing opportunities to better manage fisheries and bycatch, and protect fishing communities by providing opportunities for fishermen to access our fisheries.Stosh Anderson
OPINION: Karl Johnstone's advocacy of a city-specific seat for Anchorage on the Alaska Board of Fisheries asks for exactly opposite of what the Alaska Legislature requires of fish board members.Bruce Weyrauch
OPINION: Spending cuts, taxes and a share of Permanent Fund earnings -- the formula for fiscal sanity is the same it's always been. Our leaders need the will to apply it.Tim Bradner