Winners and losers in last week's news
I was not too happy to go to a special session -- where I was led to believe a majority of legislators were ready to take action on a compromise bill -- only to see the opposite.Rep. Les Gara
It's summer in Alaska. Days are long and the fish are running. For most of us, it's the season for rain-gear and fleece, fishing tackle and clam shovels, not torches and pitchforks and recall petitions. That's lucky for Gov. Sean Parnell. Shannyn Moore
Here's a surprise: A New York Times/CBS poll shows Republican voters wish they had more GOP candidates to choose from in the 2012 presidential race -- and about two-thirds of them said they are enthusiastically unenthusiastic about any of the nine announced candidates.Paul Jenkins
The Anchorage School District has heard many concerns about Everyday Math. We know that many parents, community members and some teachers are frustrated with the program. This is why the district asked for an independent math curriculum review last fall. Carol Comeau
"The way dads tend to interact has long-term benefits for kids, independent of those linked to good mothering," writes Sue Shellenbarger. While warm and supportive mothers and fathers are always good for children, fathers and mothers tend to have distinctive ways of dealing with them. Judith Kleinfeld