It is time to set up your watering systems. Do it right at the beginning of the season. Do it now. I learned this lesson when I first started gardening in Alaska. Jeff Lowenfels
Want to help the panhandler? Give to those who can truly help.
Many Alaska lawyers were shocked and appalled to learn that the leadership of the Alaska Bar Association had invited John Yoo, a former Justice Department lawyer and author of the infamous torture memos, to be honored as the keynote speaker at today's annual convention.Brant McGee
We'll celebrate for keeps when the war is over.
My first memory of my mom involves standing in the living room when I was 6 and asking who the man sleeping with all the flowers in the newspaper picture was. She said he was a bad man who had hurt a lot of people in Russia and now he was dead. I must have said something like "Good" or "Yea!" Elise Patkotak
U.S. forces keep a promise made in the ashes of 9/11.