Over the past two weeks, the House Resources Committee, co-chaired by Representatives Paul Seaton of Homer and Eric Feige of Valdez, has been hearing testimony on House Bill 110, the governor's bill that would create much-needed reform of taxes levied on oil production.Doug Smith
Champions ride with a message for life.
If someone were heading toward thin ice, would you call out to them before they broke through? If they broke through, would you help them? If you fell through, would you yell for help? Kate Burkhart
As you watch the raucous fight over public employees union collective bargaining and, ultimately, who will run government in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey and elsewhere, you cannot help but hope the end is near for public employees unions.Paul Jenkins
It seems Gov. Sean Parnell has drunk the tea party Kool-Aid about health care reform in order to be "Republican Fashionable."Dr. Julian Gonzalez