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My father was colorblind. This would seem to be a show-stopper for someone as dedicated to plants as Dad was. Nonetheless, one of his favorite groups of plants was the colorful Coleus blumei.Jeff Lowenfels
Divestment in companies that help Sudan maintain genocide is right. Alaska shouldn't hesitate.
Imagine waking up to new snow and icy roads and not worrying about diving into the ditch. How about not worrying whether your car will start so you can get the kids to school? Can you imagine Anchorage with smooth-flowing traffic any day of the week?Peter Mjos
Too-strict confidentiality of public employee records undermines public trust.
What is going on with the Ted Stevens trial? We're into the fourth week of endless outraged remarks, objections, motions and countermotions.Margaret Simonian
A lot of Alaskans are thrilled at the national press we've gotten since our governor became McCain's running mate. But I'm starting to long for the day when most Americans wondered if they needed a passport to get here and weren't quite sure what continent we were on but thought it was somewhere in the Pacific close to California.Elise Patkotak
Gov. Palin, read the report. It says you violated the ethics law.
John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for his vice-presidential running mate has opened a political window into Alaska. The world is peeking through in hopes of discovering sordid information about Palin's life.Evon Peter
State officials can't avoid the public records law by doing state business on personal e-mail accounts.
I took a walk around Westchester Lagoon on the one sunny afternoon we've had this fall. The parking lot by the duck pond was full of young Frisbee golfers waiting to use the course or discussing their just-completed game. It was the same good- natured banter that you might hear from the old duffers at the 19th hole at O'Malley.Kirk Wickersham