What is it about drivers here that causes them to think that each new snowfall may finally be THAT snowfall? You know, the one where the snow is sticky instead of slick so they can speed up, slam on the breaks, take curves on two wheels and tailgate so closely they could reach out and change your radio channel for you, without any danger.Elise Patkotak
Home-school sports rule needs to change.
As Congress continues to work on job creation and deficit reduction this fall, development of Alaska's Arctic energy resources stands out as a way to tackle both challenges at once.
Radio and television personality Shannyn Moore asks regarding the Pebble project: "Why shouldn't residents of the borough (Lake and Peninsula) have a voice? It's their destiny at stake." It is a reasonable request but not what is being asked for in the borough initiative, which actually sounds more like a pre-emptive permitting right that trumps that of the state. And that is unfair.
A CEO, a union worker and a non-union worker are sitting at a table with a dozen cookies. The CEO takes 11 cookies and tries to leave. The workers say, "Hey what are you doing?" The CEO looks at the non-union worker and says, "Watch out, that union guy wants your cookie." That joke cracked me up, until I realized how sadly true it was.
The question of how to increase throughput in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) has recently dominated the conversation across the state. I believe we should take a closer look at building a gas to liquids (GTL) plant on the North Slope to help solve this problem.
Winners and losers in last week's news
My Pop has always said there's a big difference between grace and mercy. Grace is when you get something good you don't deserve. Mercy is when you don't get something bad you do deserve. Shannyn Moore