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Palin administration energy plan may not be the blueprint for comprehensive action that Alaska needs.
Winners and losers in last week's news
The Palin administration is really ramping up the pressure on leaseholders to drill for oil and gas or surrender their leases.
Our elected public officials did even worse than the average American on a civics quiz designed to test basic knowledge of American government and history.Judith Kleinfeld
Euphorbia milii is every bit as symbolic as the poinsettia but will also continue to throw off new bracts and blooms throughout the year.Jeff Lowenfels
The 9th Circuit Court recently declared the federal decision to allow drilling in the Beaufort Sea was illegal. I am a member of REDOIL (Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands), a plaintiff in the case. I live in Kaktovik and I am Inupiaq.Robert Thompson
Legislators and state executives should be better paid; legislators, particularly, are long overdue for a raise.
Whenever I travel outside Alaska, I notice a very curious phenomenon. On starting the trip, I usually think I look pretty good. Of course, in today's world of air travel, that statement needs to be taken in the context of a situation in which you all but have to strip naked to get through security.Elise Patkotak Ccomment