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Imagine this: "At 1:36 p.m. on April 1, 2014, a 9.2 earthquake struck Anchorage. At least 530 people died during the four-minute quake. Another 6,000 sustained serious injuries." Fantasy? Not entirely.
Mike Dunham
There's a story in Seward, widely repeated, that the schools were opened soon after the earthquake to keep people from fleeing town. The docks, waterfront and railroad tracks had all been destroyed and submerged in the Bay, and with them went most of the town's economy.Victoria Barber
Much of the damage and most of the lives lost in the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake were due to the effects of water waves: a tsunami generated by large-scale motion of the sea floor and local waves that resulted from underwater landslides.Mike Dunham
The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 released more energy than all other North American earthquakes since, bringing with it widespread death and destruction. It also gave scientists a clear picture of the Earth in flux.Mike Dunham
The 1964 Alaska earthquake was the second largest ever recorded. It registered 9.2 and lasted as long as five minutes. Nearly 140 people died. Two of those were on Chilligan Drive in Anchorage's Turnagain neighborhood. Here's what happened.Julia O'Malley
A collection of professional videos and home movies of the 1964 Alaska earthquake.
Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the devastating 1964 Alaska earthquake, and a number of events are planned throughout Southcentral Alaska to mark the occasion.Mike Dunham
A large number of readers who survived the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 have written to the Daily News about what they saw. What follows is a sample of their letters and emails.