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Journalists and public relations specialists will delve into communications questions ranging from coverage of Native cultures to explaining the role of Alaska Native corporations, the largest commercial enterprises in the 49th state. 

Alaska Dispatch
The annual Alaska Federation of Natives convention is a big boon for local businesses, which means the competition between Anchorage and Fairbanks to host the meeting and its thousands of delegates is fierce.Sean Doogan
The Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Fairbanks called for Gov. Sean Parnell to accept an expansion of Medicaid in Alaska, endorsed Alaska as a "Right to Mush" state and asked for an increase in state efforts in stopping the flow of dangerous drugs.Dermot Cole
Without objection, the Alaska Federation of Natives declared in a resolution Saturday that the state convicted the wrong men for the 1997 murder of 15-year-old John Hartman in Fairbanks.Dermot Cole
Outrage and frustration about the high rate of suicide by young Native Alaskans emerged as one of the key issues at the 2013 Alaska Federation of Natives convention, epitomized by the presentation given by seven children from the Tanana 4-H Club Friday. Action, not just talk, is required, several speakers said. Dermot Cole
Yup'ik leader Nelson Angapak wanted to quit school in 1958 because a teacher hit him with a ruler for using his people's language. But what his grandfather said about the incident changed the course of Angapak's life.Dermot Cole
In a repeat performance, the children at the 4-H Club from Tanana riveted a larger audience at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Fairbanks, prompting nearly everyone to back their efforts to end suicide with a donation.Dermot Cole

Seven children from the 4-H Club from Tanana held the attention of a large crowd in the Carlson Center on Friday -- for the second time this week -- only this time before the annual Alaska Federation of Natives convention.

Dermot Cole

Quyana: As night falls at the Alaska Federation of Natives conference, Alaska's heartbeat -- the native drum -- pounds out a rhythm that Thursday filled Fairbanks with a joyous energy, enchanting dancers from across the Great Land.

Loren Holmes
Jerry Isaac, the president of the Tanana Chiefs Conference, gave a powerful presentation on the opening day of the 2013 Alaska Federation of Natives convention, a deeply personal confession about alcohol, the darkest parts of his life, and the brighter days that followed.Dermot Cole