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Officials are still trying to figure out exactly what happened in a Yukon grizzly bear attack that left a women dead Saturday, reports the Canadian Press.

The bear apparently entered the Johnsons Crossing home of Claudia Huber and her husband Matthias Liniger through the window, attacking Huber fatally as the pair fled the house.

“The Yukon Coroners Service said a family dog alerted the couple that a bear was on the property. The man ran to grab his rifle while the bear went through the window, a news release from the coroners' office said.,” The Canadian Press reported. “The husband and wife ran outside while the bear gave chase and caught the woman. The man managed to kill the animal and get his wife to the closest medical centre.”

But Huber was dead within an hour of the attack, the CBC reported.

The bear was hungry, but not emaciated, a conservation officer told the Canadian Press, and the hunger alone doesn’t explain the attacks aggressiveness. Further, officials found nothing that might’ve enticed the bear to the home.

"‘We found no obvious attractants that the property owner may have left around. In fact, we were very impressed with the care and management of bear attractants at this property,’ [Conservation Officer Services Branch official Ryan Hennings] said. ‘There was not even a barbecue on the porch.’”

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