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Alaska’s history with legalizing marijuana has always been complicated, but The Atlantic is here to help. Cartoonist Josh Kramer put together an illustrated guide to the history called “Tundra Green.” In it, Kramer recounts (in mostly all green) Alaska’s weed history starting with the 1972 arrest of Irwin Ravin, who went on to challenge Alaska’s marijuana possession laws. That challenge went all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court, who ruled in the landmark Ravin v. State that Alaskans' right to privacy protects the possession of small amounts of marijuana in the home.

The guide explains the history and provides context on Alaska’s marijuana laws following the passage of Ballot Measure 2 in November, which officially legalized the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana and allows the state to set up a method of taxing and regulating sales of the substance. The guide notes that there’s still a gray area when it comes to marijuana laws, with four ounces protected under Ravin and only one under the initiative. That discrepancy could set up future legal challenges to the court precedent.

The guide also includes a look at Alaska’s most famous marijuana strain and the mythology surrounding the Matanuska crop with a name unfit for a family publication.

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Suzanna Caldwell