Alaska Militias

The security agent whose actions contributed to the downfall of 2010 U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller has finally revealed what he was thinking when he handcuffed a reporter after a campaign event in October 2010. And it appears he had an agenda.

Craig Medred
The 28-year-old will appeal his federal conviction for murder conspiracy, weapons violations and the nearly 26-year sentence that goes with them.Craig Medred
Claims of mental illness and pleas for leniency did not save the Alaska Peacemakers Militia leader, Schaeffer Cox, described by the government as a "manipulative, conning and self-aggrandizing individual with severe sociopathic tendencies" who conspired to commit murder.Jill Burke
Lonnie Vernon: The 57-year old sovereign citizen from Salcha, Alaska was defiant and disruptive to the end.Jill Burke
Before Lonnie Vernon became entangled with Cox and his movement, he and his wife had already run afoul of the government. Jill Burke
A scathing report about waste in the Department of Homeland Security highlights the role the agency played in taking down Alaska militia-man Schaeffer Cox. How involved was it really?Amanda Coyne
Barney, 38, of North Pole, was convicted in June of conspiracy to possess unregistered silencers and grenades and of possessing an unregistered 37mm projectile launcher.Craig Medred
Coleman Barney was among a handful of members involved in the investigation into an anti-government, Fairbanks-based militia with sovereign-citizen leanings.Amanda Coyne
A husband and wife from Interior Alaska have admitted formulating a deadly revenge plot after the government took their home as payment for more than $165,000 in back taxes.Jill Burke
Lonnie Vernon, who was convicted of conspiracy to murder federal officials in the "241" trial, has asked that a second murder conspiracy case be relocated to Washington.Craig Medred