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A contentious proposal for an alcohol tax in Anchorage hasn’t even officially been scheduled for the April city ballot, but the state liquor industry has already launched a campaign to fight it.

Devin Kelly
Anchorage police said they were investigating the death of an apparent shooting victim Sunday night.Alaska Dispatch News
Every day, a tiny army of outreach workers tries to lift homeless alcoholics from Anchorage streets. In the past, a sober life has always been the goal. But a controversial approach called Housing First is challenging that thinking.Michelle Theriault Boots and Marc Lester
The utility company called the series of unrelated breaks "a perfect storm." Tegan Hanlon
Army officials will be in Anchorage on Feb. 23 and in Fairbanks Feb. 24 to get feedback from communities that could be affected by upcoming cuts. Devin Kelly

Anchorage's homeless alcoholics face death daily on the street: from violence, living outdoors in the subarctic and a maze of chronic health issues. A three-day series. 

Alaska Dispatch News
Daniel Sopcak and Betty Sanchez are married, homeless and struggling with alcohol in Anchorage.  Their days are a window into an often invisible world.Michelle Theriault Boots and Marc Lester
There’s a unique story, a distinct set of circumstances behind each person you might pass holding a sign on an Anchorage corner, drinking in a park or passed out on a bench. Here are several of them in their own words.  Michelle Theriault Boots and Marc Lester
For four consecutive days this week, Anchorage residents woke up to news of local shootings resulting in deaths or injury. Shootings throughout the month have put the city on edge, and police say they’re using every resource available to solve the crimes.Jerzy Shedlock
The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services announced Wednesday that a second test administered on a 1-year-old girl suspected to have measles came back negative, after an initial test returned a positive result.Tegan Hanlon