A pilot and paragliding instructor wants to build an aerial adventure course and zip line at Hilltop Ski Area, but that plan has been snarled by a conflict between the city and the operator of the ski area.

Devin Kelly
A 29-year-old man died early Friday after his motorcycle hit a car in Midtown Anchorage and then another motorcycle ran him over, police say.Tegan Hanlon
Mike Albertson remembers his brother-in-law Kevin Lee Oozevaseuk as a talented Alaska Native carver, but one who suffered from a long history of huffing to get high. Megan Edge
Ethan Berkowitz was sworn in as Anchorage’s new mayor Wednesday afternoon in a downtown inauguration ceremony that incorporated his family and displayed the cultural diversity of the city.Devin Kelly
One of the lesser-known powers of the Anchorage mayor: controlling the TV remote. As of Tuesday afternoon, the TV screen across from the elevators in the City Hall lobby were tuned to Fox News. Mayor-elect Ethan Berkowitz says it will change to CNN.Devin Kelly
Police said the bicyclist was eastbound on O'Malley Road in an area where there are no bicycle lanes and was struck while trying to make a left turn. Tegan Hanlon
State officials on Monday called on Alaska construction companies to ensure they have proper equipment and systems in place for excavation work, following the death of an Anchorage man in a trench collapse this month.Tegan Hanlon
As Ethan Berkowitz prepares for his swearing-in as mayor this week, he is relying on the professional expertise of his wife, an Arctic governance researcher and immigration attorney, to help shape his administration.Devin Kelly
Police and parks officials say they're finding themselves busting the same people again and again for drinking in public or dealing drugs in city parks, but they can't prevent them from returning and making life unpleasant for others. Devin Kelly

A friend of 25-year-old Jonathan Johnson, who police say fired a gun at a motel clerk before killing himself in a Midtown Anchorage street early Sunday, wants people to know more about him than just his final minutes.

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