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A fire in East Anchorage that saw two firefighters taken to the hospital with minor injuries was sparked by used charcoal, according to an Anchorage Fire Department investigator.

Tegan Hanlon
The Anchorage School District will host a series of public meetings this week to get input on how it can deal with budget shortfalls projected to exceed $20 million each of the next three years.Michelle Theriault Boots
Seven months after an earlier proposal for a stadium at South Anchorage High School was rejected by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the school district is bringing forward a new set of plans. Devin Kelly
When flames ignited in a unit in a condominium complex, smoke detectors sounded, though the owner of the unit told firefighters he thought it was because the batteries were dead. Then a neighbor knocked on his door and alerted him of smoke. Tegan Hanlon
Seven new secure, all-weather cages at Anchorage's municipal animal shelter will provide the facility's first round-the-clock drop-off option since 2011.Sean Doogan
After a five-year hiatus, the Anchorage health department is asking for public comment on a proposed system for scoring food establishments, with the goal of posting scores along with inspections online starting in January. Devin Kelly
More than 40 people testified Tuesday night, the large majority in support of the goals of the plan, a comprehensive document describing current access into Chugach State Park and creating a legal framework for possible future access. Devin Kelly
Guy Merculief was not the first member of his family to be run down on the streets of Anchorage by a stranger -- two of his nieces were also struck by vehicles, one fatally, in Alaska's largest city.Michelle Theriault Boots
Marked by dueling issues of property rights and public access, a plan for access to Chugach State Park has sparked a wide range of diverging viewpoints in the Municipality of Anchorage. At its heart are fundamental questions about who can have access and who will ultimately pay. Devin Kelly
At an Assembly work session Friday afternoon, Kate Giard unveiled preliminary recommendations for the municipality's SAP project and warned that "fear" of the $31.6 million project inside Anchorage City Hall could undermine its success.Devin Kelly