An Anchorage Fire Department spokesman says "everything’s back to normal" after a sedan burned near Eklutna on the inbound Glenn Highway Monday morning.

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Members of Chugiak-Eagle River community councils say they're faced with an odd situation: The area with the most available land for marijuana businesses is an area that never wanted it in the first place.  Devin Kelly

Former Anchorage Fire Department Chief Craig Goodrich speaks at the Alaska Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Anchorage on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016. Firefighters and police officers gathered to mark the 40th anniversary of the Bi-Lo Grocery Supermarket fire in Anchorage.

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Joy Bunde, a business marketer who worked for 12 years at Anchorage TV stations, said Friday she's running for a South Anchorage Assembly seat. Bunde is the daughter of longtime Republican state Sen. Con Bunde. Devin Kelly
Don Hadley, 73, said Wednesday he was no longer running for the East Anchorage Assembly seat, a decision based on "party unity." Devin Kelly
Supporters of an Anchorage tax cap initiative said Wednesday they gathered nearly 11,000 signatures to put the measure on the April ballot.Devin Kelly
About 1,000 electrical customers lost power in the Midtown Anchorage area Monday as the municipal electrical utility investigates.Alaska Dispatch News
When Tom Kehrberg and Barb Towarak married in December, it marked a new beginning, in more ways than one. For Tom, it also signaled a goodbye to the homeless lifestyle he's known since the summer of 2014.Marc Lester
Americans for Prosperity, the Virginia-based organization founded by the Koch brothers that opened an Alaska office in 2014, is helping coordinate the signature-gathering efforts for an Anchorage tax cap initiative. Devin Kelly
Anchorage police say 12-year-old Stephen Alvarado has been found safe.Devin Kelly