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The plans -- one seeking to refresh a commercial corridor of Anchorage's Fairview neighborhood and the other putting in motion a transformation of the industrial Ship Creek area -- were each years in the making.

Devin Kelly
Bicyclist Jeff Dusenbury was known in Anchorage cycling circles for pushing hard and going far, all the while with a smile on his face. So when he was killed Saturday morning on a quiet street close to his home, it was hard for those close to him to understand.Michelle Theriault Boots
Gothic-style fences with spiked, pointed tips mostly surround private residences for security and aesthetic reasons. But state biologists say the fences kill an average of one to two moose a year, hanging up or goring the animals that try to jump over the spiked tips.Devin Kelly
Affixed next to a traditional grave marker, a QR code can offer instant access to more information about a person whose remains are memorialized. It’s a practice that’s gaining a foothold among cemeteries, including the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery, which is looking to expand its use. Devin Kelly
The Anchorage Fire Department is in the process of shifting more paramedics to the city’s busiest service areas at peak hours, as current staffing levels are resulting in overworked, “burned-out” medics.Devin Kelly
Good news for Anchorage's smartphone-using bus riders: People Mover has partnered with Google to incorporate its transit data into the tech giant’s mapping system. Devin Kelly
More than 50 people gathered across the street as contractors met in Government Hill for a site visit at two homes and a former motel, which the state wants removed to make way for the proposed Knik Arm bridge and access roads. Devin Kelly
In the course of many years, the number of permanent restroom facilities in Anchorage's public parks and trails has been shrinking, leaving a growing problem with people unsure where to relieve themselves -- and sometimes calling for desperate measures.Sean Doogan
The approval came after a tense public hearing at which numerous people who live near the restaurant in Anchorage's Turnagain neighborhood testified about traffic problems and worries about accidents due to the tight parking situation.Devin Kelly
An Anchorage police dog that officers say was seriously injured after being stabbed while stopping a machete-wielding man on Saturday is stitched up and eager to return to work -- provided he doesn't retire first. Kyle Hopkins