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A 28-year-old inmate was found dead early Friday in a bathroom at the Anchorage Correctional Complex hours after he was arrested, according to the Alaska Department of Corrections.


Tegan Hanlon
A stretch of Providence Drive through the University of Alaska Anchorage will be closed for two weeks starting this weekend as crews erect a pedestrian bridge linking two campus buildings.Devin Kelly
Police have identified a woman who died Saturday after being found unconscious in a tent at a burgeoning encampment on sidewalks near Third Avenue and Karluk Street as 46-year-old Dorothy Marie Noel, also known as Dorothy Kinzy.Michelle Theriault Boots
The recent passage of the federal defense spending bill, which President Barack Obama is expected to sign, includes provisions that lift restrictions on five parcels in downtown Anchorage, including the land beneath the Egan Convention Center. Devin Kelly
Midtown Assemblyman Dick Traini was elected to lead the Anchorage Assembly at its regular Tuesday-night meeting. Elvi Gray-Jackson, also representing Midtown, was elected co-chair. Suzanna Caldwell
The Anchorage Police Department shut down roads in a residential neighborhood near the Spenard area Friday as they attempted to help an individual they said could be a "harm to themselves or others." Megan Edge
A failed effort to gain funding for an indoor facility and an abbreviated Anchorage high school tennis season led the Assembly to request $600,000 from the state to help pay for a weather cover for the East High School tennis courts.Devin Kelly
Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan has unveiled the municipality’s 66-page wish list for the upcoming legislative session, composed of funding requests for scores of capital projects including $350 million for the Port of Anchorage project. Tegan Hanlon
The Anchorage School District asked for the postponement anticipating that not all nine commissioners would be present at Monday's meeting, said Mike Abbott, the district's chief operating officer.Tegan Hanlon
A new Anchorage Assembly committee has been tasked with studying the regulation and taxation of the cultivation, manufacture and commercial sale of marijuana in Anchorage.Suzanna Caldwell