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Skiing on its home trails, the UAA ski team shined on a sunny Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015, at Kincaid Park, landing one man and two women in the top five of the Seawolf Invitational’s classic-technique race.


Beth Bragg
In the face of a multibillion-dollar deficit, the administration of Alaska Gov. Bill Walker and state labor unions should renegotiate contract terms to lower health care costs and wage increases, a nonpartisan economic policy group said Wednesday. Dermot Cole
The Anchorage Police Department said it cited three people for publicly consuming marijuana Tuesday, the first day private recreational use of the drug was legalized.Megan Edge
A cache of firearms, 5 pounds of meth and ski masks were strewn over a conference table as federal officials on Wednesday announced the convictions of three defendants tied to a violent drug trafficking ring in Anchorage. The defendants terrorized and tortured their victims, prosecutors said.Jerzy Shedlock
At a party in this liberal, free-spirited enclave, pot enthusiasts celebrated both the groundbreaking legal change and the broader societal shift toward the acceptance of marijuana use.Michelle Theriault Boots
It was fabulous to get outside, meet new people, and experience something different than what I normally do for winter exercise. No doubt, I’m still a tourist of winter city biking, and have enormous respect for those who bike year round. The thing about this ride was I didn’t feel like a tourist.Alli Harvey
Johnathan Nichol, 29, was sentenced in Anchorage Superior Court on Monday to eight years in prison for producing and possessing child porn, charges stemming from his taking pictures of a girl younger than 2 and sharing them online.Jerzy Shedlock

The UAA ski team kicked off a week of home-snow competition Monday, Feb. 23, 2015, with a pair of top-10 finishes on the Hillside cross-country trails, which despite early morning rain held up well enough to showcase a two-time NCAA champion skier.

Beth Bragg
More than 400 people filled the third floor of the Dena'ina Center in downtown Anchorage on Monday night to show their opposition to possible Army cuts in Alaska.Sean Doogan
Facing allegations that it improperly warehoused foster children at North Star psychiatric hospital in Anchorage, the Alaska Office of Children’s Services has been ordered by a state Superior Court judge not to keep children at the facility for indefinite periods of time.  Alex DeMarban