Clifford Penn Jr., a former Armed Services YMCA employee in Anchorage, has been charged with stealing more than $100,000 from the recreation center's ATMs.Jerzy Shedlock
Loretta Marie McGee, 37, is accused of wrongfully obtaining a credit card tied to the Muldoon Elementary PTA and using it for unauthorized purchases.Jerzy Shedlock
Anchorage's Municipal Light and Power said 5,000 Anchorage residents lost power Thursday evening when a tree fell onto a power line.Alaska Dispatch News
Anchorage police were searching for a shooting suspect in West Anchorage and shut down streets in the area Thursday.Tegan Hanlon,Jerzy Shedlock
The debt of other men and a single bullet to the chest killed Byzantium Hill early Sunday morning in East Anchorage, according to charges filed in the case earlier this week. Megan Edge
President Barack Obama will be in Alaska next week, including a stop in Anchorage that will cause some closures along roads and to other services.Sean Doogan,Devin Kelly
Restrictions intended to secure airspace during President Barack Obama’s visit next week will require pilots of many small planes to stop at checkpoints for security clearance.Lisa Demer
About three dozen people gathered downtown to protest Sen. Lisa Murkowski's vote to close debate on a bill that would have stopped federal funding for Planned Parenthood.Sean Doogan
Three people appear to be vying for Republican votes in next summer’s primary to represent District L in the Alaska Legislature’s upper chamber, plus a Democrat ready to challenge the victor the following November.Nathaniel Herz
Scientists hope President Obama's visit to Alaska and a high-level conference focusing on climate will help people in southern latitudes understand why the quickly warming Arctic is important to the rest of the world.Yereth Rosen