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Norm Stamper, a former Seattle police chief, and Bill Parker, a former deputy commissioner for the Alaska Department of Corrections, canvass the Inlet View area of Anchorage in support of the marijuana initiative and the Yes on 2 campaign on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014.  

Suzanna Caldwell
A torrent of money has flooded into the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Sen. Mark Begich and his challenger, Dan Sullivan. The more than $50 million spent so far has shattered statewide records, and Alaskans can expect the deluge of radio, television and online ads to grow before the Nov. 4 election.Sean Doogan
Three Alaska Army National Guard recruiters investigated for past misconduct, and the leader who supposedly let them get away with it, are suing the Army to find out how investigative documents were leaked.    Jill Burke
The Anchorage Police Department said Wednesday that the victim and suspect were fighting over a bottle of alcohol.Laurel Andrews
Anchorage School District Superintendent Ed Graff on Monday laid out guidelines for military recruiters hoping to return to schools, after instituting a ban last week in the wake of a sexual misconduct scandal involving recruiters with the Alaska Army National Guard.Tegan Hanlon
A mailer recently sent to Anchorage households makes four specific claims of potentially negative effects of Anchorage Ordinance 37 on public safety, if it is upheld by voters in the Nov. 4 referendum. The claims represent some of the most drastic predictions by unions about the law. Devin Kelly
The Anchorage location of the Tilted Kilt chain offers up scantily-clad servers, Celtic food, and more televisions than you can count -- a business model that boomed during the nation's economic downturn.Sean Doogan

More than 100 women who are incarcerated at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center participated in the “Success Inside and Out” program to prepare for their release.

Marc Lester
The annual "Success Inside and Out" conference held at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center is intended to inspire inmates to plan ahead for their release -- and keep them from returning to prison in the future.Devin Kelly
More than 500 images were brought to the Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention by the Anchorage Museum, which hopes elders from across the state can identify a friend, building, landscape or relative. Megan Edge