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Employees of the Southcentral Alaska natural gas utility have voted to end their strike after two weeks and return to work without a contract.Sean Doogan
Nationwide, malls are struggling in the face of online competition and lagging anchor stores. But in Anchorage, many brick-and-mortar indoor malls are outperforming their Lower 48 counterparts, spurred on by the emergence of national brands in the local market and a relatively stable economy.Sean Doogan
A lawsuit alleges James Stanton for years groped, threatened, harassed, extorted and sexually assaulted women he was supposed to supervise in a therapeutic court program while his state of Alaska supervisors looked the other way. Michelle Theriault Boots
With no end in sight to ongoing lawsuits over the botched Port of Anchorage makeover, city officials are asking the Anchorage Assembly for permission to spend up to another $1.5 million on lawyers and legal fees.  Tegan Hanlon
State prosecutors have dropped two sexual assault charges against John Giacalone, an Alaska Regional Hospital security guard who was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl who’d been alone in the hospital’s emergency department waiting room.Jerzy Shedlock
Three people, including a 22-year-old woman who is still on the run, have been charged with felony sexual assault of a man at an East Anchorage hotel, police say.Jerzy Shedlock,Kyle Hopkins
Cynthia Franklin, municipal prosecutor since 2011, has been chosen to head the state agency that regulates alcohol in Alaska. If marijuana is decriminalized, she might also lead the effort to regulate pot.   Devin Kelly
A bicyclist was struck and critically injured by an SUV at Benson Boulevard and A Street on Thursday afternoon. Witnesses said the cyclist attempted to pedal through moving traffic.Nathaniel Herz
On the first day of school, a veteran Anchorage elementary school teacher talks about education challenges, what motivates her year after year and first-day jitters. Marc Lester
The school year began Wednesday with the Anchorage School District down 75 positions, mostly from maintenance and administration departments. But all but three of the dozens of teachers who received layoff notices this spring were back in the classroom.Michelle Theriault Boots