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More than 100 women who are incarcerated at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center participated in the “Success Inside and Out” program to prepare for their release.

Marc Lester
The annual "Success Inside and Out" conference held at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center is intended to inspire inmates to plan ahead for their release -- and keep them from returning to prison in the future.Devin Kelly
More than 500 images were brought to the Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention by the Anchorage Museum, which hopes elders from across the state can identify a friend, building, landscape or relative. Megan Edge
A new app launched this week in Anchorage connects homeowners with snowplow services -- and it appears to be receiving a warmer welcome than did the ride-sharing service with which it shares some similarities.Sean Doogan
The Ebola outbreak is centered thousands of miles away, but that hasn't prevented some Alaska residents from showing psychological symptoms.Megan Edge
Anchorage police are searching for anyone with information about the death of "Snoop," a pit bull  found hanging from a tree with its throat slit near Tikishla Park in East Anchorage. Megan Edge
A proposal to outlaw metal palisade fences, singled out by biologists for goring moose, squeaked by the Anchorage Assembly Tuesday night.Devin Kelly
Lean Alaska grown yak is available at local farmers markets, a non-gamey meat that has a lot of possibilities.Mike Dunham
No action was taken on proposed ordinances regulating ride-sharing services, although public comment was heard on a proposal to exempt Uber and others from most public regulations for commercial transportation. Sean Doogan

Students at Williwaw Elementary School were surprised by Anchorage firefighters and police who provided them with new winter coats after they attended a safety presentation on Monday.

Bill Roth