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Along with increasing sea levels, melting glaciers are putting something else into the world’s oceans -- a huge load of organic carbon that could change marine ecosystems, says a newly published study by a team of mostly Alaska scientists.Yereth Rosen
OPINION: Greenpeace's Arctic campaign is heavy on sloganeering but light on solutions, and does not address the root cause of climate change in the North, which is excessive carbon emission in the south.Heather Exner-Pirot
Admiral Robert Papp, U.S. special representative for the Arctic, is traveling in Scandinavia and seeking to round up support for more action on climate change and other U.S. priorities in the circumpolar north.YLE News
Investment risk or profitable industry? There were cautionary words about Arctic oil and gas drilling was topic at Sunday’s opening debate in Tromsø at the Arctic Frontiers conference. Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
Gazprom Neft, apparently undeterred by challenging economics and harsh conditions, is expanding to new areas for offshore Arctic exploration and development. Atle Staalesen, Barents Observer
China -- the world's biggest energy user -- would reap big economic rewards if it switches from fossil fuels to wind and solar power, according to Finnish researchers' analysis. YLE News
For some peoples of the far north, whose traditional diets didn't include sugar-laden foods, an intolerance to a specific type of sugar can produce uncomfortable and even dangerous symptoms in everyone from infants to adults. Now, scientists have pinpointed the gene responsible.Yereth Rosen
Fairbanks and McGrath had their warmest Decembers on record, and Anchorage posted the second-warmest December in the city’s 101 years of recorded weather, the report said.Yereth Rosen
The field, the first on the Arctic shelf to produce oil using a stationary platform, has been the focus of controversy and Greenpeace protests. Atle Staalesen, Barents Observer
Rivers of meltwater on the ice sheet's surface are draining through an elaborate system of moulins, with outflow during the summer, the research shows.Mia Bennett