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It appears that a stretch of warm, sunny weather in Northwest Alaska led to an increased algae bloom in the Kobuk, wrote Susan Georgette, outreach specialist for the Selawik National Wildlife Refuge. “Algae blooms consume lots of oxygen in the water,” she wrote, “and combining that with a huge return of salmon could have led to enough oxygen depletion to kill salmon.” Suzanna Caldwell
A change to this year's Farm Bill means hospitals, schools and senior care centers can start serving traditional foods in their facilities -- a welcome change, especially in rural Alaska.Suzanna Caldwell

The Kotzebue commercial chum salmon fishery is shaping up to be one of the best in the 53-year history of the fishery. 

Bob Hallinen
Abrupt shifts in temperature or winds, fierce downpours and prolonged periods of unusually hot and dry weather are some of the conditions that correlated with human health problems, according to research being conducted by University of Alaska scientists.Yereth Rosen
Broken windows and stolen Spam are just a few of the casualties of a widespread bear break-in problem in Northwest Alaska this summer. A poor berry season might be part of the reason.Suzanna Caldwell

Residents in Northwest Alaska are reporting their remote cabins have been raided by roaming brown bears. While bear break-ins in the region are not uncommon (last year there were about a dozen), Alaska Department of Fish and Game Kotzebue area wildlife biologist Jim Dau said he’s hearing of more -- and more widespread -- than usual.

Suzanna Caldwell
The former U.S. Coast Guard commandant, tapped by Secretary of State John Kerry last month to serve as U.S. special representative to the Arctic, seeks to the raise the region's profile in the Lower 48. Yereth Rosen

At the Project Chariot site, rusted-out pipes, wires and even a rotting fire extinguisher have lain on the tundra for more than 50 years, the last remnants of a plan to blast out a deep-water port in the Northwest Arctic using nuclear explosives.

Bob Hallinen
Sparsely populated but resource-rich and situated along much of the Northern Sea Route, the region has economic and cultural links to China, Japan and Korea -- and, across the Bering Strait, to Alaska. . Mia Bennett
The TVO utility wants an extension of its preliminary permit for a fourth unit at the troubled nuclear-power plant -- but some politicians want the project reconsidered. YLE News