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The Anchorage Museum opened three notable exhibits on Nov. 7: the All Alaska Juried Art Show, considered the most important juried art show in the state, the statewide "Rarefied Light" photo competition and a show about Alaska craft materials.

Mike Dunham
After more than two years of traveling, sewing and teaching, Kodiak skin sewers have finally completed a replica of a Alaska Native parka more than a century old. Megan Edge
Dalton M. Ghetti sculpts art carved from the pointed end of a graphite pencil. The figures -- some now on display at the Kimura Gallery -- are so small they are almost lost from view without magnification.Don Decker

Dalton M. Ghetti sculpts art from the pointed ends of graphite pencils. The figures -- some now on display at the Kimura Gallery -- are so small they are almost lost from view without magnification.


Don Decker
As the earth shook Thursday, Anchorage sculptor Rebecca Lyon nervously watched the swaying pole critical to the outcome of the biggest art piece of her career, “Transformation,” a vision that required years of planning, collaboration and paperwork before it could be raised at Westchester Lagoon. Mike Dunham
Artists from Obihiro, Japan, recently traveled to Seward to give their Alaska sister city a new mural. Mike Dunham
Fabric art at the museum, Latin guitar music at UAA and an anthropologist lecture about CSI are part of the cultural offerings in Anchorage this week.Mike Dunham
The artistic quality of Ted Herlinger's past work is uneven, but always thoughtful, sincere and edgy. His style and media are all over the map, even off-road -- always irreverent and anti-establishment.Don Decker
This quirky yet realistic play requires razor-sharp acting, which the performers in the current production at Cyrano’s deliver.Mike Dunham
Alaska Overnighters will have a new and unusual venue for the next round of quickly written plays; they'll be presented in various galleries at the Anchorage Museum and patrons will stand through the show. Also, Alaskans have come through with donations to several good causes involving music, theater and literary arts.Mike Dunham