West High student Anna Lange is one of five student poets selected from a nationwide pool of 20,000 applicants to be honored at the White House.

Mike Dunham

Conservator's Corner is an opportunity for Sarah Owens to visit with museum patrons and educate them about artwork and her profession. Many of these pieces go on display for the museum's "Object of the Month." 

Scott Jensen
 In "Annapurna," there’s much to discuss, secrets to expose and denial to be overcome, which the characters do with often-hilarious dialogue.Mike Dunham
In Perseverance Theatre's latest production, a destitute cowboy poet living his last days in a filthy trailer is visited by his ex-wife, who left him 20 years before.Mike Dunham
“Best American Poetry” is an esteemed annual collection of critically acclaimed poems by Americans.Mike Dunham
The death of longtime Alaska Children’s Choir director Janet Stotts on April 26 left the future of the group in doubt but an alumna of the choir, Jessie Eddings, has stepped in and as of Sept. 2, is the new owner of the ACC.Mike Dunham
National Endowment for the Arts chairman Jane Chu is on a tour of Palmer, Anchorage, Juneau and Sitka "to see firsthand what's happening in arts in Alaska."  Mike Dunham
In 1869, William Seward and Tlingit Chief Koh’klux met to resolve a dispute between Klukwan and Sitka. The scars on each man's face told of a life of battles and toughness that went beyond words.   Mike Dunham